Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite

by Kami Pearson
(Sheffield, Alabama)

I recently threw in the towel with my old mattress and finally decided to pop for a new one. I went to a dealer, and tested out many different brands and models. I decided to purchase the Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite model. It cost a little more that what I had originally planned to spend, but let me just tell you, it was WELL worth the cost.

I have never had better nights full of sleep. I hardly ever wake up early, and I feel so much more rested than I did previously! Great buy!!! I wholeheartedly recommend!!!

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Delighted With Our Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite Pillowtop

by Jim W.

My wife and I purchased a Queen Size Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite Pillowtop about one year ago. We had been sleeping on a Spring Air mattress for the previous 8 years but it began sagging in the middle. It was not their highest end mattress but we were still disappointed with the durability. We also had chosen one which was too firm for our taste so we were really looking forward to replacing it.

The Spring Air version seemed to be well constructed on the outside but the interior materials appeared to be lacking. When we first entered the mattress market, we were skeptical that the major brands were exceedingly different from each other. We shopped both outlet stores and two major retailers where the salesman all assured us that you get what you pay for.

Like most people, we tested several brands and models. We did investigate memory-foam styles but they seemed to be something you would have to get used to and for the money, we wanted to be certain we would be comfortable. Having back problems, I had always opted for a very firm mattress but was impressed by the comfort and underlying firmness of the Serta pillowtop.

We paid around $800 for it and so far have been delighted. The pillowtop molds comfortably to one's back and does not transfer too much motion to the other side when moving in the bed. I was initially concerned that the thick top would make me feel too warm during the night but have been pleasantly surprised. The extra wide frame did make us purchase new sheet sets to fit but that was both expected and simple.

The only real drawback is that the pillowtop style makes it impossible to flip the mattress for even wear. We have turned it lengthwise a number of times but must always sleep on the one side. This might someday cause wear issues. However this issue is not limited to Serta so it did not affect our perception of the brand. The price was very comparable to other brands of mattresses but we had never spent so much on bedding before.

So far it has been a worthwhile investment. Rating this mattress, I would have to give it 5 stars for comfort as it is the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned. Quality is harder to rate since it is still relatively new. I do, however, believe 4 stars would be fair.

As I mentioned, the price seemed comparable to other spring-type mattresses of the major brands. Therefore it would receive 3 stars on price and value. At this early stage, I would definitely say I would purchase this same mattress again. If it lasts close to ten years before becoming noticeably uncomfortable, I would say it was a tremendous purchase.

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Serta Perfect Sleeper 4 Star Hotel Elite

by Louise
(South Lake Tahoe, CA USA)

We have loved this mattress. It's time to replace after all these years - nice and firm, flippable, and light - I flipped it myself every 3 months and it is a Cal. King! This bed is pre-pillow top, just a basic style, yet Premium mattress.

We would always comment on how wonderful our bed was, up to a few yrs. ago, and just recently realized we should replace it, so I'm looking for another hotel style Serta Perfect Sleeper. This model is not made anymore...ITS 20 YRS OLD!

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