My Serta perfect sleeper essentials has made a huge difference

by Leanise D.

I have a serta perfect sleeper essentials mattress and i absolutely love it. I have had my mattress since christmas of 2014 it was my christmas gift to myself and it has made such a huge difference in the way that I have been sleeping, i sleep much better and it contours to my body so everything is being supported.

The bed is not to soft but not to hard it is absolutely perfect. We bought it from home depot and it was around $400 but I can say that it was worth it, once you try this bed you will never go back to the old mattresses. my mattress is a queen size mattress but when me and my husband sleep on it it does not feel like it, it feels like a king very roomy.

I would absolutely buy this mattress again and again and again the best matress that I have ever owned, and i think what people need to realize is they wont know how amazing it is until you try it, I cant tell my friends how amazing it is I have to tell them to come lay on it and as soon as they do they say oh your right.

I would rate this mattress a 5 star mattress for sure no doubts about it.When i first bought this matress i was worried that it would be to soft and when I first tried it it was the weirdest thing because it was soft but it was firm at the same time so it left me confused for a while I cant say that my very first sleeping in it was the best because you are trying to figure it out and get use to it, I would say after that very first night I was a changed person i understood what the bed was doing for my body. It was a mind over matter thing but i absolutely love it and wouldnt change it for the world.

The only thing I could say that makes me mad is my sheets wont stay on the mattress i do not know why but maybe it because my sheets are to silky. This is the first time i have owned a mattress like this and I literally cant wait to go to sleep at night because it is amazing, even the kids want to sleep with us more.

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No Problems with Perfect Sleeper Essentials

by Kelly B.

I own the Serta Perfect Sleeper Essentials. It is extremely comfortable for both myself and my husband, which is very important. It provides excellent back support by being both soft and offering firm support for optimal spinal alignment.

I work as a Chiropractic Assistant and frequently recommend my mattress to my patients because I like it so much. There are no problems with the bed that I have experienced. It does have a bit of an imprint in the middle, from where my husband slept for several years before we got married and he had to start sharing the bed!

He purchased the mattress about 5 years ago, and I have been using it for almost years since we have been married. I think it is holding up great. I think it is worth the cost; I do not exactly know how much my husband paid, however he is extremely frugal, so I know it was a good value if he purchased it!

The size of our mattress is a Queen. I would rate it 5 stars on comfort, quality and price. I would purchase this brand again, and would like to try a king size this time.

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You Could Do Far Worse Than Serta Perfect Sleeper Essentials

by Rob. K.
(Denver, Colorado)

I bought my Perfect Sleeper Essentials bed about four years ago after moving into my new home. I have used it nearly every night in the time since the purchase, and while I have had little serious problems with the mattress I would not say it is the best mattress I have ever owned or slept on. Overall the mattress is fairly comfortable and gives me a good night's sleep. However for its price, over $600 I feel it could perform better.

In all likelihood if I were to purchase another mattress in the same price range I would likely go with another brand. It is certainly a step up from my previous American Furniture mattress, but the mattress itself has worn down quite a bit in the last few years. While the first year of ownership the mattress was very comfortable in the years since several hard spots have developed within the mattress which if I lay on them the wrong way produce significant pain in my lower back.

I believe this to be the result of normal wear and tear, but I do not find it acceptable as a previous mattress I owned passed down to me from my parents had been in use for over thirty years without similar problems. I feel that the materials used in this mattress are on the cheaper side of things.

I am not sure if this is just indicative of the mattress market as a whole, or the Serta brand in particular. By comparison I have heard great things about tempur pedic and feel that one of their mattresses in a similar price range might perform better for longer periods of time.

On the plus side the mattress itself is fairly light making it easy to move if you need to or make adjustments, but no so light as to shift easily off the bedframe. The mattress I have is on the soft side, which I like but which may have contributed to it wearing down a little faster than I expected it to.

I would rather not spend over $800-1000 on a mattress, but doing so would likely be advantageous to buying a $600 range mattress such as the Perfect Sleeper Essentials line every 6-10 years or dealing with the back and join pains sleeping on a worn mattress produces.

You could do far worse than a Serta Perfect Sleeper Essentials mattress when buying a mattress, but I would shop around and read reviews before dropping more than $600 on one. Though I am not totally dissatisfied with my purchase, I wish I had put more thought into the purchase rather than relying on the quality of the Serta brand name alone.

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Perfect Sleeper Essentials Is Phenomenal

by Ryan G.

My Serta Perfect Sleeper Essentials is a phenomenal mattress. It's extremely comfortable to sleep on. It's not too firm, but it's not too soft. It's just right for my back as I have scoliosis. What I also like about it is that when my significant comes over and spends the night with me, when I wake up, she isn't disturbed by it. It's fantastic, and it provides the perfect amount of back support.

If I have any issues with the bed, it's that the size I have. I have a Queen-sized mattress, and while it's heaven compared to my dorm bed upstate, it barely fits in my room. In fact, I have to re-arrange my room in order to have more space in it, which was a hassle. I've bought it fairly recently, and in the meantime, it's held up quite well. No tears or any issues so far, and with Serta's reputation, I don't expect any through the life of the mattress.

It cost at least $700 for the mattress, and while it was definitely an investment, I would do it again in a heartbeat if I had to. It was worth every cent. However, next time I buy a mattress, I would get either a Sleep Number or a Tempurpedic. They're always so nifty, especially when I try them out at the mall. The issue with the Tempurpedic is that it apparently gets really hot in the summer time due to the memory foam, but I feel like it'd be a compromise I could deal with; it would just mean that I would have to turn the AC on even more so.

In short, I would recommend the Serta Perfect Sleeper Essentials mattress, without a doubt. After sleeping on a tiny double twin mattress at the University of Delaware for the past five years, this mattress is a godsend. That mattress, compared to this one, was terrible. I ruined that mattress in a matter of months; it was worn to shreds. It also offered no lumbar support whatsoever, unlike the Perfect Sleeper Essentials, and it killed my back all the time.

When I finally graduated, I was grateful to get a new mattress, and I'm glad I did. A solid 4 out of 5 stars. I docked a star to due to the price, but I feel that with a high-quality brand with Serta, that my money was used in a worthwhile manner.

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