Serta Perfect Sleeper Hamilton Park Review

by Shirley

Recently my husband and I decided we needed a new mattress. It was long overdue as our old mattress was sagging, and for my husband making his back and shoulders hurt at night.

We had owned our previous mattress for six years and although at first it seemed to be a good mattress it only took a year for it to start to break down. We had made the mistake of going with an off brand mattress then.

I knew now that I needed something that not only seemed comfortable today but had the name and quality standard to keep it comfortable for many years. I needed to find something at a decent price that wouldn't break the bank but wouldn't break his back either.

We started researching different brands of mattresses and found a lot of information from company websites. There are of course some really high end mattresses available but we tossed those out immediately as they were not within our budget. We needed to stay under one thousand dollars but still get a top quality mattress.

We narrowed our search to the Serta mattress brand. Now we had to decide which mattress within the serta brand to get.
They had several different mattresses starting at a very economical price. We wanted a great price but were not going to sacrifice any comfort to acheive that.

After reviewing the features we decided on the serta perfect sleeper Davidson model and the Serta perfect sleeper Hamilton Park super pillow. The perfect sleeper hamilton park super pillow provided a little more comfort for me. It was
a little more expensive then the Davidson but was still well within our budget at seven hundred and sixty nine dollars. We found a great deal on it at Big Lots store although there were other stores close to that price as well.

The features that really stood out to us was the the pillow top that went all the way out to the edges. Our old mattress had a pillow top but is stopped several inches short all the way around making the use of the whole mattress more difficult.

This mattress also has the memory foam technology which provides myself and my husband a lot of comfort. One of the things that was unique to this model in the Serta line was the the advanced continious spring support. This feature was very appealing to my husband with his back problems.

We have had this mattress for three months now. It was definatley worth the price. We paid almost the same amount for our old mattress that had not near the quality or features. I give this mattress at 4 and a half star rating.

It so far has been the best mattress we have owned. I do like the ten year warranty as well. The fact that Serta backs up their brand for that long means something to me as to how they feel about the quality of their work. If I could have blow our budget I don't know if we would have found a better mattress. For the price I paid I am sure this is the best deal I could have found.

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Nov 18, 2011
Excellent review
by: Justin

I wish all reviews were as detailed and helpful as yours. I am thinking about getting the Hamilton Park mattress as well. How is it holding up compared to the first day you purchased it? I've read mixed reviews, but of course everyone has their own taste. Thanks again.

Nov 30, 2011
Serta Hamilton Park
by: Sumant

We feel the Serta Hamilton Park is answer to alleviating chronic hip and back pains. Just going to pick one. Keep U posted.

Nov 30, 2011
We have one too, holding up well
by: Dennis J.

We have the Hamilton Park mattress too, its holding up well so far, great mattress, very comfortable and reasonable price, my wife and I are quite satisfied...hoping I can report back in a few years with good news.

Nov 30, 2011
Park Hamilton by Serta
by: Don D

I found the Park Hamilton today at Big Lots. I did purchase, but have since read some negative articles. Further I have not found this model at any othe stores, except Big Lots. Could not even find it on Serta's web site. Interesting? Anyone else find the Hamilton Park anywhere other than Big Lots?

Feb 13, 2012
About to Buy at Big Lots
by: BigLotsBigSale

I have read mixed reviews, but some of the negative reviews I have read have come from non-Serta sleepers. They base their opinions on the materials used to make the mattress and compare to their own higher priced mattress, which is out of the blue collar budget.

My husband and I laid down on the Hamilton Park in our Big Lots for about ten minutes, even though I instantly fell in love with it the minute I laid down. We went to 2 different sleepys and got on every Serta mattress within our budget and found that none compared to the Hamilton Park at Big Lots.

I too couldn't find it on the Serta Website, but I'm in the process getting more information on their 10 year warranty. I say this warranty says a lot about the quality of the mattress, and Big Lots prices couldn't be beat. I'm going to be buying it within the next two days, as its going on an even better sale. I'd say this is a win win in the mattress shopping department.

Mar 01, 2012
Best Mattress
by: penn girl

I can only say that in my 55 yrs on the planet, this Hamilton Park Matress by Serta is by far the BEST MATTRESS ever and I would say go to Big Lots and buy one.

May 06, 2012
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the reviews on the Hamilton. I've read some negative but more positive so I'm going to buy it...I love the feel of it! I hope I'll be able to post a positive review after sleeping on it for a while.

May 22, 2012
Most comfortable bed ever!
by: Anonymous

I love how everyone got their Serta Hamilton Park at Big Lots! We did too! My husband and I have had this bed for a little over a year and it is the most comfortable bed we have had! We used to have lower back problems with our previous mattress, but this bed is just heavenly and has solved our problem! No more back pain! I am 120 lbs. and he is 200 lbs. and we have had no problems with the mattress dipping. We are also able to fall into nice deep sleep on this mattress, probably the best sleep of our lives! Another thing, when we go on vacations and stay in nice hotels, we often find ourselves missing the comfort of our Hamilton Park! Overall this is a great buy and great quality mattress. The people with negative reviews probably just got a bad apple of the bunch because we just love ours!

Jul 14, 2012
Bought it and love it!!
by: Anonymous

We recently bought the Serta Hamilton Park at Big Lots and are very satisfied. We only paid 449.00 for it in the queen size. Best purchase in bedding ever. We both have bad backs, I've had surgery and our old mattress was wearing badly.
We sleep like babies now, as if on a cloud! We are exstremely happy.
Foundation is key, when not wanting a bed to sag, in my opinion. This is a heavy mattress and needs a good supporting frame. Put that with your Serta Hamilton Park mattress and you'll be sleeping like royalty.

Jul 15, 2012
My Hamilton Park the best!!
by: Lillian in NC

This has been the best mattress we have had!! I saw it in Big Lots, tried it, and found it to be VERY good. There were 2 other brands I tried, but being on a strict budget meant I had to get the best for the money range I could spend. This mattress was just right. The first night I slept all through the night, and I had not done that in years!!!! When my husband moves around I don't wake up either, which was a big problem with the mattress we had. We LOVE this mattress. Ours is the Euro-Pillow Top King size. I highly recommend this mattress. I was very surprised to find it in Big Lots because of the quality of the mattress, I thought I would only find it in higher end stores.

Feb 11, 2013
Hamilton park perfect sleeper
by: Adls

I've been after this mattress for some time and finally bought it. I have to say that I've been able to sleep better thaen ever. I do recommend the mattress.

Mar 05, 2013
Bought at Big Lots also!!
by: Anonymous

We bought ours a few weeks ago and I feel like I'm sleeping in luxury!!! It is so comfortable and has been an answer to my sleep problems :)

Aug 10, 2013
Mine was defective
by: Anonymous

From day 1 half of it sagged pretty bad and gets worse by the day. OTOH the have that isn't defective is everything I wanted it to be. Big Lots made me come back a few times until the manager was in. Apparently he was off for weeks. Even then despite being defective he said a return or exchange was at MY delivery expense and that a replacement would be just as bad since they are now on clearence. Wasn't when I bought it. And Serta kept telling me to work it out with Big Lots. So I'm not overly impressed with the whole deal. Thinking about a Simmons now.

Nov 05, 2013
Most Comfortable
by: Melissa Brodersen

My daughter has the Hamilton Park mattress. She has scoliosis and has back problems a lot. She finds this mattress the most wonderful and comfortable mattress that we have ever purchased for her. Thanks for making her comfortable.

Feb 22, 2014
Sagging after only 6 months
by: AJ

When I first got the Serta Hamilton Park mattress from Big Lots, I loved it. The pillow top is very comfortable and I was getting a great night's sleep for about 3 months. After that, I noticed the pillow top had an indention from mine and my husband's bodies. It just got significantly worse after that. Now, after only 6 months, my back and hips are aching, waking me up in the night, and I am looking to replace the mattress. Serta has always been a favorite brand of mine, and I have owned several different models over the years, but the Hamilton Park has unfortunately disappointed me.

Jul 31, 2014
by: Jen L.

We purchased a Serta from Big Lots and within 6 months it was sagging on each side that my husband and I sleep so we returned it and "upgraded" and paid more for the Hamilton Park Serta Perfect Sleeper...seriously it was great for the first year, no problems at all. Now we are having the same problem...sagging on both sides with a large "bump" in the middle. After reading the reviews it seems that the Hamilton Park was exclusive to Big Lots, maybe not, I may be wrong but it's quite a coincidence that every review mentions Big Lots. This mattress sucks, my husband can't even sleep on it. Too much hassle to return it or deal with the warranty seeing that I don't even know where it is, so we're basically screwed. Will NEVER purchase important furniture from Big Lots again.

May 21, 2015
Sleeping Like A Baby
by: Denise CO.

This is an amazing nights sleep, by far the best mattress my husband and I have owned. We have had our Hamilton Park for almost two years now, my hips and lower back feel so much better in the morning, I can rise out of bed without pain. Our previous mattress made it feel like constant pressure on my hips and shoulders, don't miss that. We also purchased our Serta Perfect Sleeper from Big Lots. I saved big time by using my rewards card and saving 20% we also purchased the Henry sleigh bed at the same time. Our bedroom looks beautiful and we are sleeping like babies.

Jun 07, 2015
Stay away
by: Anonymous

We bought our mattress from Big Lots 4 years ago. The mattress is a nightmare!!! I found myself sleeping in a hole. My back has been horrible. I plan on going to Big Lots tomorrow to find out my options as I have never dealt with such a poor quality mattress.

Jan 15, 2017
Lasted Maybe 6 Years
by: Anonymous

Got this at Biog lots too. I have the receipt still, and can't remember if there was a warranty attached to it. Anyway, now at the 6 year mark, this mattress is done. My wife and I are no heavyweights, and the sag in the middle is terrible. We'll look elsewhere this time.

May 16, 2018
by: Trisha

I am now throwing out my Serta Hamilton Park after only four years. This mattress is aweful. I have extremely bad back pain over the last year and believe the mattress is the main reason why. Waiting now on my new delivery from Jordon's Furniture. Go to their sleep center I also purchased at Big Lots, thinking I was getting a great Serta mattress. It seems like they all make mattresses for discount store. You get what you pay for!!

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