Serta Perfect Sleeper Knollcrest Plush Super Pillow Top Review

by Cheryl C.

I use a Serta Perfect Sleeper Knollcrest Plush super pillow top mattress, and it is honestly the best mattress that I have ever owned. I don’t need to use padding or anything else with it, because it is already so comfortable on its own.

I have had this mattress for almost two years now, and it is the first mattress that I have bought on my own. Before owning this mattress, I was sleeping on a bed set that is about 55 years old, and it came with the mattress.

Naturally, it required two different sets of padding to make it comfortable, so when I finally saved up enough to purchase a new mattress, it was an incredibly joyous occasion.

I didn’t do much research before purchasing my new mattress, but rather I went to Sam’s Club and tested out each bed for myself. Being able to touch and test each set myself gave me much better results than any amount of online research could ever do.

At first glance, the Serta Perfect Sleeper Knollcrest Plush Super Pillowtop is just like any mattress. It’s white, soft, and supportive. However, as time goes on, this thing has really pulled its weight. Now, whenever I visit a friend or go on vacation, I really appreciate the bed that I have waiting for me at home.

I purchased the full size mattress, and it has been just perfect for me as well. I am a woman living alone, and really enjoy having something that I can spread out in without having my entire apartment swallowed up by it. I am also rather tall for a woman (5’9) and have found the bed to really accommodate my height as well. Usually, I have to curl up in a ball to fit on a traditional bed, but here I fit quite nicely without having to work around my mattress.

I am also very athletic, and often wake up in the morning feeling sore from the day before’s work. Sometimes, I even wake up in the middle of the night with cramps in my legs. Since this mattress purchase I have not had as big of a problem with soreness or cramps, and I believe it to mostly be due to the extra legroom and support that I am given at night.

Another great thing about the size of this mattress is that it is big enough for two if the occasion should pass. My younger sister (15) came into town to visit me recently, and the two of us were both able to fit in the bed without one of us pushing the other off, which happens more than you would think. She was also in love with my bed, and can’t wait for the day when she can also upgrade from her older mattress.

Basically, this has been the mattress of my dreams, and I look forward to using it for many years to come. Purchasing a new mattress might seem like a crazy expense for something that you just sleep on. But think of it this way: you are investing in years and years of sleeping through the night. Isn’t that worth it?

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