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Serta Perfect Sleeper Northstar Stellaris - The Serta North Star Mattress

The Serta Perfect Sleeper Northstar Stellaris is one of the Serta North Star mattress models in the Perfect Sleeper collection. The Perfect Sleeper is one of the prime innerspring mattress collections manufactured by Serta.

The collection includes some of the best sellers in Serta's entire mattress family. This collection was also named as Consumer's Digest's Best Buy and this could probably be because of the many winning models in the collection, such as the Serta North Star mattress.

If you're interested in a Perfect Sleeper mattress, you still have to find a specific model. The Northstar Stellaris is quite a good catch and is worth checking out.

Top Features of the Serta Perfect Sleeper Northstar Stellaris

The Northstar Stellaris mattress from Serta's Perfect Sleeper collection is best described as innovative. In it appears some of Serta's very unique technologies.
  • Advanced Comfort Quilt
The Advanced Comfort Quilt is one of the many patented technologies that Serta came up with. The objective of this is to promote better circulation throughout the body the entire night, which means there is less pressure on the body and less tossing and turning. This quilt layer is in fact a layer of egg crate foam combined with extra fluffy fibers.
  • Fireblocker
The Northstar Stellaris will also make you feel quite assured. After all, Serta threw in the Fireblocker technology, a technology that says no to any harmful chemicals in the production of the mattress. This is another Serta-born innovation.

Instead of using chemical-laden materials, Serta combines the use of natural and synthetic fibers to create comfort layers. Due to the use of chemical-free materials, the mattress is designed to contain fire within a specific region and does not spread throughout the mattress.
  • Five Zone Innerspring System
The Serta Perfect Sleeper Northstar Stellaris mattress also uses a unique innerspring system with five identified zones. Each zone reacts to weight pressure differently, so each zone also provides a different level of support for the specific body part it carries. What happens is that each part of your body gets the special level of support that it needs.
  • Continuous Support System
And then there's the Continuous Support System. According to reviews, this is one mean technology. The coil springs used in the North Star mattress are attached to one another. This makes the mattress respond faster and more smoothly to every move your body makes.
  • Total Edge Foam Encasement System
Finally, all these impressive materials are encased in a sturdy foam edge design to make sure every inch of your North Star mattress can be used for sleeping. This also helps keep the mattress highly durable.
  • Anti-microbial materials
The Serta Northstar Stellaris also uses materials that are anti-microbial and even designed to resist stains such as its damask cover. It would be easy to keep your Serta Northstar Stellaris mattress good as new.

What Consumers are Saying about the Serta Perfect Sleeper Northstar Stellaris

  • Very comfortable
  • Feels soft and very plush but still sufficiently supportive
  • Pillow top surface comfort cover feels great - this is a great plus for the bed
  • 2 layers of built in memory foam makes a huge difference you actually feel; the mattress conforms to the shape of consumers' bodies
  • Can be bought in a set (that is, with the foundation included)
  • Serta offers reliable warranty on all its products
  • The reliable reputation of the manufacturer is definitely a big plus
  • Innerspring system is durable and responds well

  • The extra height does not appeal to many people (the mattress stands at a full 16 inches, which can be rather high for some consumers)
  • The mattress was found to be lacking in firmness by some buyers, which means it is not an overly firm mattress; can be ideal for those looking for semi firm mattresses
  • Not as widely available as other Serta mattress models
  • The center of the mattress tends to dip, as some consumers have found out after using the mattress for about three years

As you can see, the few disadvantages of the Serta Perfect Sleeper North Star Stellaris do not really outweigh the advantages and very innovative nature of this mattress.

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Your Serta Northstar Mattress Reviews

Happy With Our Choice

by Jamie D.

Our mattress is a Serta Perfect Sleeper Northstar, purchased in 2001 for $499. We chose it straight off the floor at Sam's, and picked it based upon briefly reclining on the different mattresses. They had a good selection—ranging from very firm to very soft like a pillow top.

Our family had just grown by one and we needed other options besides our Queen size bed. More than once, we woke up with a child and two dogs in our bed. Definitely time for a new mattress! Our Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress is extremely comfortable to sleep on, even after all these years.

We chose a King size bed because our children often join us in the morning to snuggle; the king size gives us the maximum amount of room. The mattress is very firm, and at first my husband and I had to get used to it. It definitely wasn't uncomfortable to start out, it was just different than our other mattress.

Now, though we much prefer a firm mattress to a soft or pillow top one. I find too firm mattresses to make me feel like I am sinking in to it! I definitely do not like that feeling! I enjoy our mattress so much that I am highly resistant to buying a new one, despite the fact that manufacturers recommend that you replace your mattress every seven years. After all, we have had it for almost 12 years!

In those intervening years, we have had several "accidents" with it, spilling drinks or food or with 4 kids, use your imagination! Fortunately, the mattress is extremely durable and easy to vacuum and spot clean if necessary. Once or twice we have used the hand held carpet cleaner attachment to clean up really messy spots. It cleans up just fine because, I think, of its soft yet durable fabric cover.

Additionally, it has held up our normal use with proper flipping and turning. We turn our mattress at least every 6 months. Perhaps this has helped make the mattress more durable. We are extremely satisfied with the mattress and happy with our choice we made.

The only other mattress that I might consider purchasing (if money wasn't an issue) is a Tempurpedic. We slept on a Tempurpedic once at a hotel and it made me have a great night's sleep. I couldn't feel anyone else moving on the bed, which was very helpful.

With the Serta Perfect Sleeper still allows for some residual movement once one stops moving. I think that might be because of the springs. I sometimes think about it even now! Even though we didn't do any research at all when purchasing this mattress, we are extremely satisfied and happy with the Serta Perfect Sleeper. I give it 4 stars!

We would definitely consider buying another Serta Perfect Sleeper when it's time to retire this one, but I don't see that time coming in the next couple of years.

No Need To Count Sheep!

by Johnny F.
(Chicago, IL)

No need to count sheep when you've got a Serta Perfect Sleeper Northstar Serenity! It is very comfortable to sleep on. I like the size (full), and the mattress isn't too soft or too hard. It provides good back support, and I haven't had any bed-related pain since I bought it.

It is not too firm or too soft; it is just right. My only problem with it is that the white color is easily stained. I bought it 8 years ago and I've used it ever since. It is holding up surprisingly well. There's no sinking and it feels like new.

The mattress cost me $250 dollars at Sam's Club and it is worth the price. Again, the mattress is full size and I wouldn't change sizes. I prefer full for right now considering I'm single and my room is pretty small. Compared to other mattresses I've owned, this is the best one I've ever used.

I've had a few twin size mattresses which didn't hold up well at all. They sunk after a couple years and weren't very comfortable. Before that, I slept on the floor. I would give my mattress 4 stars. Although I think the mattress is worth the money, I wouldn't buy the same mattress again because I'd want to try something new and different.

It's been 8 years and I'm sure Serta has enhanced their bed technology. I did no research before buying my current mattress. I just went into the store and tried out all the mattresses. There is not another mattress brand I'd want to own. I trust Serta the most, and have heard bad things about other brands--like Tempur Pedic.

According to a friend, their 4,000 dollar Tempur- Pedic fell apart within a few months and the company refused to compensate her for the lemon that they sold her. At least Serta's prices are reasonable and their products are high quality!

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