Serta Perfect Sleeper Smart Surface Mattress Review

by L. M.

I Hate Getting Up in the Morning Because My Mattress is So Comfortable. I have the Serta Perfect Sleeper, Smart Surface. It's queen sized and a mattress and box spring set. It's very soft and feels like a pillow top, which I love. It feels like you just sink into softness.

It definitely isn't a firm mattress, but it supports you no matter how you like to sleep, I have back problems and I always wake up feeling refreshed. I bought it two years ago when I was going through cancer. I spent a lot of time in bed. I got very thin, and it was very comfortable, even for that.

I got it at for around 900$. It has held up perfectly. There's no difference between now and when I bought it. Compared to the mattress I had before, my Serta Perfect Sleeper is amazing. I definitely give it 5 stars. Every night when I get in bed, I literally think to myself, "Yes! This is so comfortable." It makes me happy to get in bed! I would absolutely recommend this sleep set to a friend or family member. I don't think there's a mattress set I would rather own.

My daughter got a new set at the same time; one of the memory foam beds. It is really comfortable too, but the Serta is just perfect for me. The only problem I have is not wanting to get out of bed in the morning because I'm so comfortable!

Every now and then I'll fall asleep on the sofa, and oh my goodness I can really tell the difference. I wake up all night, get up with my back hurting and neck out. One night on my Serta mattress and I feel great again. I can honestly say that my Serta Perfect Sleeper is the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in.

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Perfect Sleeper Smart Surface Elite Is Wonderful

by Carrie H.

I purchased the Serta Perfect Sleeper Smart Surface Elite, 9 months ago. I bought a matching queen size set for $899, which was on sale at the time. I had gone through cancer and multiple surgeries, which made getting comfortable really difficult. I tried 15 different mattresses before I made my choice. It just felt perfect when I tried it in the showroom.

I hate to admit this, but it's really difficult to get me to part with hundreds of dollars. I’m a bit of a Scrooge, being a single mom and working for myself but I had no qualms with paying $899 for the Serta Elite. It's just awesome and I felt like after all I had gone through; the pain of cancer... I deserved to be comfortable.

The first night, after my Serta was delivered, my father came over and my new mattress was set up in my bedroom. I remember thinking, "I'm in Heaven," when I hopped in bed. The funny thing is, now I go about my day and don't really think about how comfortable my Serta Elite is; until I hop in bed. Every night I literally think, "I love my bed," as I'm falling asleep and do that big sprawl out stretch and yawn. I'm 5'11 and the queen size is just perfect for someone, even my height.

It's honestly the most comfortable mattress I've ever owned. It's plush, yet supportive. It hasn't developed any wear and tear and looks new, and I do have two children and two indoor pets. I would give my bed set a 5 star rating in every category; comfort, value, price, and durability.

I really recommend it for anyone who has back discomfort or has trouble falling asleep. I used to toss and turn on my old mattress. I've always had trouble winding down after a long day. I feel like I have a million things to do, but I usually fall right to sleep in 15 minutes or so after getting into bed now.

I normally don’t write product reviews, but I felt that this mattress deserved one. It’s that wonderful in my opinion. When you lie down, it feels like it’s just made for your body. No matter what position you lay in, you don’t even want to move to get comfortable because it just feels great however you happen to hop into bed.

My boyfriend laughs at me because I always say, “Oh, yay!” and smile at him when it’s time for bed. I love him, but I say, “Yay,” because I know it’s time to let the stress of the day fade away and comfort to begin. Thanks Serta!

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Serta Perfect Sleeper SmartSurface Elite Review

by John M.
(Portland, ME)

My wife and I decided to buy our first Serta mattress, and just upgraded last year to a Queen size Perfect Sleeper SmartSurface Elite. At just over $1000 it is a bit pricey, but well worth every penny. I’d give this mattress 5 stars and buy it again in a heartbeat. We bought directly through the Serta website and the bed feels and sleeps exactly as it’s described.

Delivery was quick and efficient, they had it in the house and set up in under an hour. I’m a truck driver, which means I spend days on the road sleeping in my cramped cab, and sitting the driver’s seat for hours on end. This resulted in terrible back problems, and whenever I slept at home my wife would have to help me out of our old bed some mornings. Since we switched to the Serta everything has changed. My back pains have dropped dramatically and it’s given me new life.

Our old mattress was very soft, but this one has just enough firmness to provide support without sacrificing comfort. My wife often wakes up well before me and used to wake me up getting out of bed, but now I don’t even notice when she gets out of bed. This mattress is also perfect for people without air conditioning on those hot summer nights. The SmartSurface keeps me much cooler at night. Before bed I’ll often watch TV while my wife reads and the adjustable angles make it perfect for both of us to relax and then just tilt the bed back and go to sleep.

One problem we did have was upon installation. The mattress and box spring are very thick, so it was much higher off the ground than our old one. I fixed this by cutting a few inches off the bottom of our wooden bedframe legs, but we did lose some under the bed storage space. This was a minor inconvenience compared to dramatic increase in the quality of my night’s sleep.

After a year of regular use, the mattress still feels like new, no sagging or anything. I could see this mattress lasting at least 10 years with minimal drop in quality. If you are looking for a high quality mattress for a great nights sleep, this Serta mattress is the way to go. The quality, comfort and price are unbeatable. I would recommend this to anybody searching for a better nights sleep.

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It's A Dream - Will Be Buying Two More!

by Kris A.

Saying Serta Perfect Sleeper Smart Surface is comfortable to sleep on does not do it justice because it is a dream. I have sleep issues because of a bad back. I have had multiple surgeries on my back and it is often painful for me to lie down. At least it was on my old mattress. I bought the Serta SmartSurface at the recommendation of my physical therapist. She thought the Serta SmartSurface would give me the back support I needed after my surgeries. She was absolutely right.

It gives the right amount of support for my back and for my legs. Many people only think of the back support but if your legs are not supported well also, it can cause other issues such as with your lower back.

For me, it is like being Goldy Locks, the mattress is not too firm, not too soft, but just right. So far, I haven’t found anything I don’t like about it. I bought it three months ago and started using it the day it was delivered. I really wish I had bought it sooner. It is holding up very well, even after catching my girls (age 5 and 8) jumping up and down on it. They were recreating a scene in a commercial where you put a glass on the bed and see if it moves while someone is jumping up and down on the bed. The glass didn’t move by the way.

The cost was comparable for others I had originally considered. I paid $1300 for a queen size and that included delivery and installation. I certainly saw many others in the stores I visited that were much higher and less comfortable. In comparison to my old bed, well there is no comparison. It would be like comparing a concrete slab to a cloud (the cloud being my Serta SmartSurface). As to a star rating, well I guess you can tell my rating would be a 5=Excellent. If there was a higher rating I would give it.

I would definitely buy this mattress again and I think when it is time to get my daughter’s a new mattress, I will be buying two more. I also loved the 10 year warranty that comes with it, but I doubt I will need the warranty. Isn’t that always the case, the good ones offer a great warranty that you will never use.

I will stick with Serta definitely for the rest of my life and probably with the Serta SmartSurface model unless they come up with something better….like one that makes your morning coffee for you! Thanks Serta, I thank you and my back definitely thanks you!

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