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Serta Vera Wang Mattress Reviews
The Glorious Vera Wang

Serta Vera Wang mattresses are a high-end choice for people looking for the perfect night's sleep. But are they really the perfect choice for you?

Here's a look at the Vera Wang mattress collection, a few of the models, and some consumer impressions. You should know everything you can before you buy.

The Serta Vera Wang Mattress Collection

Serta has created Vera Wang mattresses in collaboration with Vera Wang, who is best known for her fashion design. These mattresses are designed with an eye on comfort, style, and quality, and every bed is made to provide the best support and an excellent night's sleep.

Mattresses in the Vera Wang collection boast luxurious fabrics and a Free Flex Innerspring, as well as Serta's exclusive Custom Support Foam. The collection includes the Signature Bridal Bed, Sequin Bed, Braid Bed, Floral Bed and Sweetheart Bed.

What's Unique About The Serta Vera Wang Mattress?

In addition to sporting the name of a well-known fashion designer, these mattresses have a few special features. The unique Free Flex Innerspring with Custom support is a system that can only be found in Serta mattresses.

Here, it's combined with special fabrics that you won't find in any other set of bedding. Features like a sheer veil overlay, Sensura branded fabric, and beautiful details make this a bed you won't find anywhere else.

Vera Wang Mattress Prices

The Serta Vera Wang mattress collection is a high end line for Serta. However, the cost of these mattresses isn't actually much more than a high quality mattress from other lines. Prices start at about a $1,000 for mattress and box spring, and can rise to $3,000.

While that definitely makes Vera Wang mattresses a costly line, it rivals the pricing on other luxury mattresses featuring similar materials. That means that you're not just paying for a brand name.

So, what do mattress reviewers think about Vera Wang mattresses? Have they enjoyed a great night's sleep on their Serta Vera Wang bedding, or is this a more expensive version of a product they can find elsewhere?

Opinions are mixed. A large percentage of shoppers say that this mattress gives them the best night's sleep they've ever had, that it's like sleeping on a cloud, and that the micro fiber weave is great for repelling dust mites.

Some reviewers note that not all Serta Vera Wang mattresses are Serta pillow top mattresses, and some feel that the term "latex" is inappropriate for this mattress.

While Vera Wang mattresses do include latex, they aren't made completely of latex, and include metal inner springs and other types of foam. Most customers who knew what they were buying have reported being satisfied by this mattress, however.

Pros And Cons Of The Serta Vera Wang Collection

The big benefits of the Vera Wang collection seem to be the designer fabrics and luxury materials used. Paired with high quality design and construction, these mean a long lasting mattress that offers incredible comfort.

These Serta beds may not be the best mattresses on the market, but they do offer many attractive features.

The downside is that Serta's advertising can be misleading to some, and that these mattresses are definitely a big investment. It's important to take a little time and check out any model you're thinking about buying. That way, you'll be able to avoid making an expensive mistake.

Models And Features

Signature Bridal Bed - This bed was first featured on the Celebrity Apprentice, and combines soft Sensura fabric with Serta's romantic Sheer Veil overlay.

Sequin Bed - This bed isn't covered in sequins, but instead features a sequin look fabric and a quilted pillow top that make it incredibly comfortable.

Braid Bed - Braid Bed Vera Wang mattresses include a braid fabric design that adds interest to the usual mattress cover, and include the support you expect from Serta.

Floral Bed - The Serta Vera Wang collection's Floral Bed shows an appreciation for whimsy and detail. It includes an organic cotton cover that's allergen free and environmentally friendly, as well as an attractive floral design.

Sweetheart Bed - The Sweetheart Bed includes Vera Wang's signature triple heart pattern and reflects a real attention to the details of romance. A comfort layer that includes fluffy fibers and egg crate foam quilted together will give you plenty of gentle cushioning and help distribute weight correctly.

Watch: Serta Vera Wang Video

Final Thought

If you're willing to pay more for quality, and the fabrics and appearance of your mattress is important to you, the Serta Vera Wang mattress collection might be worth a look.

These mattresses come in a range of prices, and all feature high quality inner spring construction. However, don't make the mistake of thinking you're getting something you're not.

While the Vera Wang mattress does include latex or memory foam, it's only a component of the mattress, not a major element. Still, if you're looking for a good quality inner spring bed, the Vera Wang collection is definitely worth a look.

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