Serta Windham Support Model Mattress Review

by Brad M.

My new Serta mattress is the best mattress my wife and I have slept on in years. My wife and I purchased a Serta Windham Support model 500361836 about 6 months ago. It is very comfortable for us, she prefers a soft bed and due to a previous back injury I need a more firm mattress to get a good night’s rest. I wake up in the morning with the same minor discomfort that I deal with all day long. Other mattress’ I have slept on have increased the pain even waking me up in the middle of night.

The only issue I can think of was the box springs that I purchased with the mattress was of poor quality. I had to purchase better box springs to accommodate the mattress. I found the center of the mattress was sagging and my wife and I would end up in the center of the mattress. After that problem was solved we were happier with the mattress, it was not too hard for her, and not too soft for me.

I believe the mattress is durable and built from quality materials. There is no doubt in my mind we will get our money’s worth out of this mattress. I am in the Army and we move around a lot, in fact we already had to pack up and move since we purchased this mattress. It held up just fine with a mattress bag to prevent it from getting dirty. After the bed was set up, it was just as comfortable as it was at our previous address.

I believe we paid somewhere around $650.00 or the mattress and if I could go back to furniture store the day I purchased this mattress I would purchase the exact same mattress again. Our previous mattress was a full sized mattress so if you can imagine this was a much needed upgrade in size and quality. I do not think a larger mattress would be good for me and wife. We never know what size of a house we will be moving in to so there is a good chance a king sized mattress would not fit in many of the houses we have lived in.

We have slept on many different brands of mattress as we travel around a lot sleeping in hotels and I don’t even look for the brand of mattress at the hotel. I am always happy to return home to my own bed. Our last mattress was also a Serta, It was comfortable as well, we simply had the mattress too long and it was getting worn out. The life expectancy of our new mattress is four to six years with some sagging reported after one year.

My only regret is that we held on to our last Serta mattress for eight years I wish we would have upgraded sooner. There were no issues our last Serta mattress within its life span. I would rate the Serta Windham SPT at a 4 out of 5 stars.

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