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Shifman Mattress Reviews

The Shifman mattress is the best choice there could possibly be, if you are willing to sleep beautifully at any price.

Shifman mattresses have been on the market for more than a century. Its history alone can erase any doubt as to the quality of the mattresses.

After all, how could a company last that long in a market that's teeming with competition?

The answer is that the mattresses must be really good and there must be something about Shifman products that you cannot get anywhere else.

Well, in both respects, Shifman really hits the bullseye. Their mattresses are really superior in quality, and they offer an ultimate difference that's difficult to find in any other brand.

Shifman: The Ultimate Difference

So what's this ultimate difference? Well, the name Shifman Mattress rarely goes anywhere without the phrase "The Finest Handcrafted Mattresses."

Yes, the mattresses from Shifman are handcrafted; that is, the tufting and tying are done entirely by hand using the exclusive Sanotuft technique. The process is done by more than 270 upholstery and bedding tailors, and overseen by market experts.

Such dedication to the tufting and the utmost care and attention paid to it that machine-tufting cannot possibly provide ensures that the mattresses last long and are more resistant to wear and tear. A strict quality control procedure is also used.

Shifman also does not trust just any twine for the tying of the mattresses. They use only Italian twine, a great combination with the equally high quality Hourglass spring coils used in the mattresses.

Other Features and Technologies

Aside from that, there are many other things that make Shifman the masters when it comes to quality and craftsmanship.

1. Materials

Shifman mattresses use only the finest materials and fabrics. The lining is made of the finest grade cotton, and only premium grade fabrics are used.

The materials and fabrics are so good that you can sleep comfortably and with no problems even on the bare mattress; you won't even need bed sheets anymore.

2. Colors and Variety

Shifman also goes out of its way to keep up with trends and styles. This is why their mattresses come in all possible shades of various colors, so you have quite a lot to choose from. Surely you'll find a Shifman Mattress that matches your taste exactly.

3. Convenience and Usage

Shifman mattresses also come with features that make the beds more convenient to use. A classic example is the pair of quilted handles that come with each mattress. The handles make flipping and moving the mattresses easy.

4. Materials

Shifman mattresses uses a hi-profile double offset innerspring mattress with several firmness levels, an eight-way hand-tied box spring design using coils that conform to the body and disperse weight well, and heavy gauge Firmaedge steel edge supports. The steel edge support strengthens the mattress and increases bed space. These are the features used to provide orthopedic support that can help relieve back pain.

The mattresses are also filled with Mirafill ultra plush polyester fibers, cotton felt upholstery, and natural latex foam. Fabrics come with exclusive European ticking designs and are very luxurious. All these are used to make sure consumers are extremely comfortable.

Shifman's Bestsellers

The Belize mattress is the specific mattress model considered to be Shifman's best selling offer. The Belize is now being used in thousands of homes all over the world.

The Van Gogh is also very popular among consumers and reviewers. The online review site gives it a 5 star rating.

What Consumers Are Saying

It seems that consumers are attesting to the claims that Shifman makes. A lot of consumers have shared that they have been using their Shifman mattresses for anywhere between 30 to 40 years, which means that the products really do last for decades and decades.

There are a few concerns, though.

Price: The price could definitely be a problem for most consumers. Although there are Shifman models at just $600, most of the best products go up to $5000.

The mattresses really require a major investment and are way more expensive than other leading brands. It is, quite simply, way beyond the means of majority of consumers, which is a strong point against it.

But still, a number of consumers don't seem to mind. After all, you get a handcrafted mattress with the finest stamp of quality and the longest life span the industry has ever seen in a mattress.

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