Simmons "Back Care" Mattress Is Worth Every Penny

by Carol S.

I sleep on a Queen sized "Back Care" mattress by Simmons. I bought it as a set in 1995 for $600. It was priced at $1350. It was pure luck that I like to think of it as my lucky bed because I was able to purchase the mattress at less than half price.

The shop owner mistook me for an Airforce nurse because my 6 year old son had, unbeknownst to me, put a little military insignia on my nurses uniform. I wouldn't have paid the asking price because at that time, I didn't believe that any bed could be that great. I mean, a bed was just a bed, or so I thought.

But I will say now, and I tell everyone - this is the most comfortable bed I've ever slept on. It is firm, but each part gives accordingly. It is one of those models that has individually encased springs, so that each spring interacts with your body.

Later, I also purchased a down pillow top - it is not part of the bed. It just lays on top of the mattress under the top sheet. I can't praise this bed highly enough. I feel like I'm floating when I lie down.

They say that you have to replace beds every 8 years or so because of spring fatigue. But I can't see any evidence of that and I can't feel it either. Not bad for a 16 year old bed.

Last August I was going to have to relocate and I thought it made sense to just sell everything rather than move it. There were very few things I really regretted selling and my bed was one. To my great surprise and relief, no one was interested in it. So I still have my fabulous bed.

If I ever buy another bed it will be a Simmons. I'll be glad to pay what ever they ask. It is worth every penny to have a bed that is this comfortable. I feel like I'm floating when I lie down. It is still in perfect condition and I've been sleeping on it since 1995 - over 16 years.

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Sep 13, 2015
Simmons Back Care Mattress
by: Anonymous

This bed is horrible. The bed is only 4 years old and it sags. Very disappointed.

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