Simmons Beauty Sleep Pillow Top Firmness Greatly Deteriorated

by Joseph L.
(Tampa, Florida)

I purchased a Simmons BeautySleep queen-sized pillow-top mattress back in January. I had been suffering from severe lower back pains made worse by my previous mattress's springs being completely shot.

I had heard good things about the Simmons brand from friends, so I felt that this would be a good purchase. It felt comfortable at the store and was a decent value at approximately $600 at the time.

I was considering buying a latex mattress at IKEA but Mattress Giant offered financing so I went with this option. Prior to this purchase I had visited several mattress stores, talked to friends and family, and read reviews online. I felt like I was making a good purchase.

Initially, everything was great with this mattress. After a short period of time, however, the firmness of the pillowtop greatly deteriorated. The biggest problem with a pillowtop is that it is impossible to flip it over, so I've been stuck rotating the mattress on occasion to evenly distribute the wear as much as possible.

However, only about a year into owning this mattress, I find that it is way too soft for my tastes. The material in the pillowtop has become unsupportive of my back and is aggravating my back pain again. I need to point out that I also am only 25 and am highly athletic and active, but I sustained injuries in a car accident in 2008 so I need a very supportive mattress. When I sleep on firm, supportive mattresses my back pain is nonexistent.

This indicates that I need to go for a much firmer mattress, and this time I will go the extra mile and hunt down one that is not a pillow-top. I think I'm going to just go spring the money for the extra firm latex mattress at IKEA and give this mattress to my mother, who coincidentally needs a softer mattress.

If you aren't suffering from back pain or like a soft mattress, this one is fine. I would give it three stars, because the springs have held up exceptionally well and it's a solid mattress. I am just incredibly disappointed at how fast the pillowtop has softened over time.

To date, the best mattress I have ever owned has been a twin sized Sealy Posturepedic foam mattress that I slept on for nearly 20 years. We inherited it from my great-grandmother who purchased it and never used it, and until I moved away for college I slept on it every night. I still sleep on it when I visit home. I would honestly pass up Simmons if you can afford it and go right for a Sealy.

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