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Simmons Beautyrest Spa Chasewood Firm Mattress Review

by Melissa
(Huntsville, AL)

We bought 2 queen size and 1 full size Simmons BeautyRest Chasewood Firm mattresses from Mattress Firm. It seemed very firm and comfortable when I laid on it in the store.

I was very disappointed when I received them in my home. They seem flimsy and very bendable and the workmanship on the cover is terrible.

The material got all bunched up in places on the top and it was just sewn down that way.

Even the beautiful spa label on the end of the bed is sewn all bunched up and crooked.

Overall I am very unhappy and considering asking the store to take all 3 back. I will never buy another Simmons product.

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Sep 19, 2012
In reploy to Chasewood Firm Mattress
by: Anonymous

I experienced the same thing with the mattress padding bunching up within two weeks of purchase! As you did, I too "test drove" it at Mattress Firm and it seemed to have held up to many sits and lays over a two year period - which is what the sales said about how long it had been on the floor. I hope that Simmons will own up to the warranty. If you see this comment and can provide further insight, please do.

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Full Sized Simmons BeautyRest Mattress - Soft Mattress That Suits My Needs

by Ben S.
(Bozeman, MT)

I purchased a new mattress when moving into my new apartment last May. After lots of shopping, I decided to buy a full sized Simmons BeautyRest. I absolutely love this mattress because it suits my needs wonderfully.

I prefer to sleep on a soft mattress, because I tend to sleep on my side and sleeping on firm mattresses cause me to have slight back pain in the morning. It is extremely comfortable and is made of a very soft covering material, so I can be comfortable laying down on my mattress for a few minutes even if my sheets are being washed.

Even though it is extremely soft and forgiving, I was surprised to see that my mattress is still supportive. I weigh about 200 pounds and I was concerned about how such a soft bed would handle my weight, but I have had no problems so far.

Even after a long night of sleeping in my bed, there is no indentation at all when I get up in the morning. I only have two small concerns with the bed. The first is that the tag on the foot of the bed is in an inconvenient location, and it seems like it may be torn off soon by mistake. Also, the covering of the mattress is a little bit loose due to too much material used, which may or may not cause tearing in the future, but on the good side the material is very thick and showing no wear.

I purchased the mattress at a local Sleep City USA, where I was very impressed with their selection and service. I have used the bed for almost 4 months now, so I have not used it for long and I cannot say much about my observed durability of the mattress.

I only paid around $600 for the mattress, box spring, and bed frame, so I was very satisfied with the price. It was on sale, and I believe the original price was under $900 with the frame included, which is still an incredible price for such a comfortable name-brand mattress.

It was absolutely worth the price, and I would have been willing to pay the original pre-sale price. There is no way to compare this mattress to the beds that I have previously owned. Growing up with my parents I slept on an old twin sized mattress (I don’t even recall the brand of the mattress) that had lost all of its support by the time I moved out. I didn’t have any back pain, but I was not comfortable at all. The next bed I slept on was a college dormitory mattress, which doesn’t deserve a comparison either.

The only mattress I have never slept on that compares to my BeautyRest was a memory foam mattress that my parents purchased for over $2000. I would absolutely give my mattress a 5 star rating. The only reconsideration I would have if I were to buy this mattress again would be my decision to buy a full size instead of trying to fit a queen sized bed in my room. Overall, I am in love with my mattress and I would absolutely recommend it to a friend.

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Simmons Beautyrest Johanna Mattress Review

by Bill Dolan
(Jacksonville FL)

I purchased a Simmons Beautyrest Johanna mattress set ten months ago from Sears. A few months after the purchase the padding compressed and the springs started to press into my body.

I purchased a memory foam topper to aleviate the problem. The problem got progressively worse. Night after night the coils dug into my body causing extreme discomfort.

Sears would not cover the ten year warranty without a photo sent to them in Texas, showing visible damage. Simmons refused to honor their warranty. They kept saying Sears was their agent and responsible.

Sears was afraid Simmons would stiff them for the return money. Simmons is typical of the modern American business keep raising prices and the reduce the quality.

How about the no-flip scam. Reduce the amount of padding and outer cover on one side saving money and then sell it as good for the consumer. Simmons will not stand behind thier products!

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Aug 02, 2013
by: Darlene

I purchased a Chasewood FM queen mattress. From the spa collection. Its the best. I got a deal on it less than 600 dollars after taxes. It's very supportive, and i cant feel my husband move in our sleep. Ours sits on the floor without a frame so i have no dips. This is the best way to support your mattress. Although it might look poor to some,i have an asian theme so it looks good to me!

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