My Simmons Beautyrest Classic with Pillow Top - An Amazing Mattress

The mattress that I have been using for the past five years is a Simmons Beautyrest Classic with the pillow top. I cannot stress how much I absolutely love this mattress.

It's very comfortable, especially with the added pillow top, and is so soft that I am able to get a good night's sleep, every night. There's no hoping that I'll get a good night's sleep, I KNOW that I'll get one.

I originally got this mattress from my Grandmother, who decided that she would like another mattress but still felt that the Beautyrest was in good condition.

I must say that it is an amazing mattress, especially for the price I got it for, free! I'm incredibly happy that I my Grandmother was able to give me a chance with this mattress.

After having slept enjoyably on it for years, I can definitely say that I would buy it again in a heartbeat if it were to ever need replacing.

I find that I'm very picky when it comes to my sleeping conditions, and the comfort of this mattress has far surpassed my expectations, and it's astounding how much a mattress is able to affect your everyday life just by allowing you to sleep well.

The best part of the mattress, for me, has got to be the pillow top. Having never slept on a mattress with one before, I found it a bit odd looking at first. After one night's sleep I was convinced that I could never look at a 'normal' mattress the same way again.

Although the bed is definitely not recommended for someone who likes harder surfaces, if anyone enjoys a soft mattress that hugs your body, this is definitely the one for you. So far I have not seen a single negative aspect of this mattress. It's almost as if it was created specifically with me in mind. I'm able to sleep in every position imaginable and still be comfortable, which was not the case with previous mattresses.

Most of my previous mattresses ended up getting to a point where they'd make a large amount of noise, especially when changing positions, but not only does the Beautyrest accommodate all positions comfortable, but there's also no sound when changing positions in the middle of the night. My husband and I are both able to sleep well without disturbing the other. If I were to rate the Simmons Beautyrest Classic mattress, I definitely could not think of a reason to give it a score lower than a five out of five. No sound when moving, no disturbance for your partner, just plain, unadulterated pleasure. It has been, by far, the best mattress I've used my entire life.

Overall, I find the mattress completely uplifting. It suits my every need, and has no downside. After sleeping on a mattress this supportive, I definitely would never be able to go back to what I was using before. Now that I know about the sheer comfort of Simmons mattresses, I've definitely become a loyal customer. It's surprising to see how much a mattress can change your energy level, but it really is true. The Beautyrest is a wonderful mattress, and I hope to sleep on it for many, many more years to come.

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Simmons Beauty Rest Classic With Visco Pillow Top

I have always heard you shouldn't skip on shoes and beds. Well I can tell you that I am in my late thirties and I have finally seen the wisdom in getting a great bed. About two years ago my wife and I bought a Simmons Beauty Rest Classic with the visco Pillowtop.

Wow what a difference a quality bed can make. To start with when you lay down you are caressed into a softness that I had never felt before with a pillowtop mattress. It molds to your body and supports you no matter which position you sleep in.

The sides are very strong and allow you to sit on the edge without having it collapse while putting on shoes and such. The first night both my wife and I tossed and turned a lot less and both woke early, feeling completly rested and not wanting to get out of the bed.

We purchased our bed from Home Shopping Network, and it was a wonderful experience. It was delivered and set up on time, they took away our old mattress and box springs. We paid just a little over $1600.00 at the time with 6 payments, so it was not a hard purhcase to swallow.

I would rate this mattress even after two years at five stars. We do not have divots in the bed where we sleep and it is just like it was over two years ago when it was new. You lie down and it just envelops you like a glove. I also know that there is a lot less shaking of your partner when getting up and down in the bed, so there sleep is more peaceful also.

The bed is a medium density with the soft pillowtop so it might not be good for people who need a much more rigid sleeping surface. So overall the pricing was good, the buying experiece was awesome, and the sleeping results are just wow! Well I'm getting sleepy and I can hear my mattress calling me to come lay down, so good luck I hope you all have a great nights sleep too.

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Beauty Rest Classic Firm - The Best Mattress I've Ever Had, 5 Stars

by N.S.

I own a Simmons Beauty rest classic firm queen size mattress set. I have had it for 2 years and got it for a wedding gift. It is comfortable to sleep on because it is firm and so far it has held its shape.

I turn it over every month and still can feel the firmness. I have back problems so I need firm support. I do wake up pain free because It does provide sufficient lumbar support.

There are two problems with this mattress. The first problem is if a liquid product is spilled on it, the material is hard to clean and the liquid soaks up fast. The second problem is it is too heavy to life when turning the mattress.

I bought it at a mattress outlet in the city I live in. The mattress was a gift, however when getting the frame for the mattress, a retail store told me the price for a new Simmons beauty rest mattress set was approx. five hundred dollars. I feel so far it is worth the price.

I have moved several times and it has maintained its durability. Compared to other beds that I have owned I feel that this has been the best mattress I have ever had. I give this set a 5 star excellent rating. Because this was a present, I did not do any specific research for any other mattress.

If I had to purchase another mattress I would like to continue to but an upgrade or the same kind of mattress. This mattress fits all sheets fit for queen sizes and if I could change sizes I would have a king sized bed.

I would recommend this set for anyone with back problems. The queen size mattress fits my husband and myself and allows us room to move around when we sleep at night. We wake up well rested.

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Beautyrest Classic Started Getting Uncomfortable The First Month

by Barbara

This is the worst bed I have ever owned. It started getting uncomfortable the first month we slept on it and has gotten progressively worse. My hips legs and shoulders hurt from all the springs I can fell. I email the company and they did not even have the decency of a reply. I will never again buy a Simmons mattress! -Barb

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Simmons Beautyrest Classic DeMille

Within 2 weeks of sleeping on it I felt like I'd been hit by a truck. My neighbor asked what was wrong withm me - I was all crooked.

I had a queen size mattress, bought new, that felt as if 2 people had been sleeping in it for 10 years.

I sleep in the middle of the bed and it felt like I was falling off into either side, where others had been sleeping - this should not happen on a brand new bed. I went back to sleeping on my 20 year old Sealy Posturepedic! It has way more support!

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