Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Review

by W.N.

A Midsummer Nights' Dream Bed! My fiancee and I share a Full-sized Simmons BeautyRest Recharge Shakespeare Firm Mattress and we absolutely love being able to share this wonderful bed. First thing is first, we should have gone with a queen/king sized mattress but due to space constraints we had to go with full-size. In any case, we absolutely are infatuated with it.

What I truly enjoy is how quiet it is, no noise from the bed springs at all! It also mimics newer mattress types as it doesn't disturb your partner when you shift around in bed. It offers the perfect medium between firm and soft surface, I need a firmer surface for my back while my fiancee enjoys the softness that doesn't hurt her hips.

This bed has it all. Some days if I sleep differently than my normal routine, it feels too soft but it's very infrequent that this occurs. From the moment of purchase, there has been no problems. The company delivered within 2 days, set the bed up and disposed of all the packaging. We bought the mattress at a department store for $600 in May 2012. I feel it was overpriced for the time but it certainly has paid for itself in the excellent rest it provides.

An extremely durable mattress, it certainly has stood the test of time and "stress tests" I have put it through. From moving 100+ miles to my celebratory jumping on the bed from landing my dream job, it can really take whatever you may dish out. If I had the chance, I would buy this mattress all over again, just in a larger size! However it makes do and does it well.

I think the only competitor that would beat out this mattress is the Tempur-pedic astronaut space bed. Although it may be beat out by a $3000 mattress, this is in our price range so we couldn't be happier. With the dynamic of soft and firm that could create the perfect level of comfort for any sleeper type.

Shakespeare himself would dedicate works to this bed if he so had the chance. Especially seeing as they named it after him! The one thing that I absolutely love is how cool the bed stays, I love a cold bed. I have said this too much but I will say it again, this bed has it all! 4.5 out of 5 (would be a perfect score but we could use a larger size!)

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