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Simmons Beautyrest Mattress Reviews

Simmons BeautyRest reviews give us an unbiased comparison of one of the most famous mattress collections in the market. The BeautyRest is also not just a collection, but a specific innerspring technology - the technology that has made Simmons the popular brand that it is.

The Simmons BeautyRest Technology - How It Works

Simmons Beautyrest mattress The advanced pocketed coil springs - this is the secret behind the success of the BeautyRest products. This refers to sets of springs that are not tied to one another with wires.

The springs are also not joined to each other on top or at the bottom. The steel springs are instead encased in fabric, every single one of them. They are compressed and put into fabric covers, or pockets.

Each pocketed coil spring reacts to your weight and body shape independently, so the curves are smoothly hugged. They are able to conform to the body more precisely, producing a more comfortable bed.

Aside from that, since the springs are not tied together, motion does not cause a chain reaction. It is localized and does not travel through the mattress. As a result, motion disturbance problems are effectively prevented.

The Simmons Beautyrest Mattress Collections

BeautyRest Classic

The Classic mattress design uses 800 of the Super Pocketed Coil springs, all in one mattress. They are grouped together by a Mega Coil Edge System, and are built on top of a Triton foundation complete with PowerBeam braces, which make the mattress more durable and much stronger.

To counteract this extreme strength and toughness are comfort layers to take care of your need for cushioning. The mattress is laden with plush foams.

You can also choose from firm, luxury firm, plush, plush firm, and pillow top comfort options. All these are encased in luxurious fabric covers that also give off a sophisticated look.

BeautyRest Anniversary

The BeautyRest Anniversary came out on Simmons' 85th year of innovations. So it has, just to add drama, 850 Super Pocketed Coil springs.

The increase in the number makes body conformance even more precise. The springs are locked in a Total Surround Beauty-Edge foam encasement, and the whole unit is sitting on top of an Energy Foam support base and a Triton foundation with the same additional bracing system.

The same high performance foams and luxurious, soft fabrics are used to provide the comfort feel of the mattress. You can choose some models under this series that use not just ordinary high-performance foams but memory foam.

BeautyRest World Class Mattress

Simmons continue to up the ante as it now adds 1000 Super Pocketed Coil springs to a new collection, the World Class. This has to be the most popular of all the collections since most BeautyRest models that come out on the reviews are World Class models.

The 1000 coil springs are fitted into a single layer surface, which means conformance is definitely precise; every inch of movement is followed. The same construction as that of the Anniversary models, from the foundation, base, and edge support, are used.

But the comfort layers are different. Instead of ordinary foam, Simmons now use NxG memory foam and Progressive Support latex foam. Models use either one of the two, so you can get a memory foam or a latex one based on personal preference.

This series also has the most new technologies:
  • Transflexion Comfort Technology maintains the bed's consistency throughout its claimed life span
  • AirFeel foam quilting around the coil springs for increased comfort
The same luxury fabrics and comfort options are also available.

BeautyRest Exceptionale

If the World Class mattresses have single-layer coil spring units, the Exceptionale collection has two stories of the Super Pocketed coil springs. They are then packed into an 360-degree foam encasement system with high density foam on the edges.

Consumers have the choice to get a visco memory foam or latex foam for the main comfort layers. However, a new hybrid version is also introduced: mattresses that combine visco and latex as the foam layers.

The same comfort options and durable foundation are retained.

BeautyRest NxG Series

The BeautyRest NxG series are relatively newer, so it also introduces newer technologies. Aside from the BeautyRest coil spring system, the NxG series also employs:
  • Crossover technology - uses advanced NxG memory foam known for its:
  • Faster shape recovery
  • Consistency and maintenance of comfort
  • Heat dissipation not offered by regular memory foam
Old features that were retained include the:
  • 1000 Super Pocketed Coil springs
  • Energy Foam support base
  • Triton foundation
  • QuantumLock and Total Surround Beauty-Edge foam encasement

Consumers Verdict

More than half of those who purchased Beautyrest beds say that the mattresses are well worth recommending to friends. The best features are durability and sleeping comfort.

There are some consumers who complained of sagging and resulting back pain after a few years. Nonetheless, most consumers still shared that their Beautyrest mattress lived up to its conformance and motion separation claims and would still recommend buying them.

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More Reviews

Insanely Soft And Comfortable Beautyrest Lilac Plush Mattress

by Vernon

About 6 months ago I purchased a Simmons Beauty rest Lilac Plush mattress from a mattress firm website. I have heard good reviews about this mattress including from friends so I decided I would put in an order. The mattress height is 10.5 in height which is pretty tall if you ask me but I like that feeling of being high of the floor.

From what I remember the price was less than $900 for it which I thought was not that bad of a deal for a good quality mattress. When I finally received it I was very excited I threw my old one in the garage and placed the new in its place.

It was insanely soft and comfortable just like everyone had told me and to this day I still feel the same way about this mattress, it's wonderful. I would definitely recommend this mattress to others its high quality comfortable and overall a great deal. With my old mattress, the center would sink in. I used to toss and turn all the time which would basically mean I would get very little sleep.

For some time I used to just think it was me then I began to think maybe it's not really me maybe it is my mattress and sure enough it was. I sleep great every night and any amount of money is worth that so I give it 5 stars.

Both Beautyrest Mattresses Sagged

by Homeowner
(Houston, TX)

We purchased two Simmons Beautyrest mattresses, one king size and one full size (they are expensive).

Both mattresses sagged after about 3-4 months and started giving us severe backache. Contacted the manufacturer and requested that the mattresses be replaced under their 10-year warranty.

Simmons Customer Service required detailed information regarding our purchase and mattress tags, which we provided together with photographs showing the sagging.

Simmons then denied our claim although the photographs clearly show 1.5"-2.0" of sagging. I do not recommend buying Simmons Beautyrest.

Beautyrest Black Josephine Mattress Is So Uncomfortable

by Denise Mcgraw
(New Orleans)

This mattress set is so hard my husband no longer sleeps in our bed. We too were advised to buy a very firm mattress and it would soften over time.

That has not happened, we are so uncomfortable I am at my wits end. This is the third mattress set we have purchased in less than five years.

I am now wondering if we should just purchase a pillowtop mattress and keep this box spring to the Josephone set. At wits end in New Orleans.

Very Nice Beautyrest King Mattress

by Gaurav

After thorough research, all the information that i needed to set my mind at ease, I went ahead and made the purchase. I decided to order a King size Simmons Beautyrest mattress, model 30299X SF344, online and waited as patiently as I could.

On their website, I found that the purchasing process was very very simple and they had explained everything very clearly, each and every point. They had an option to pay via PayPal, which I thought was VERY nice about this. I buy this mattress in August, and I am still using it. The Simmons Beautyrest King mattress is very very comfortable compared to other mattresses.

Everything was very nice about this mattress. It is so soft and smooth and really comfortable for night sleep. Moreover its quality is very good or better than other products. I would really recommend this product to my friends for a good night sleep.

This mattress cost me but its worth it for me to buy. I really like this product and I also thank to the company who provide this great technology.

Buyer Beware

by Alex
(Katonah, NY)

I think this Simmons Beautyrest Black Josephine mattress is made for people weighting 250lb. and up. I can't explain otherwise why it is so firm. To me (160lb.) it feels like sleeping on a foam pad on the floor.

Purchased this mattress after trying it at a store. The floor model did seem just a bit too firm, but then the salesman said that the foam top is temperature sensitive (similar to Tempur) and become softer after 10 min or so of lying in bed. I believed him. What a mistake.

When the bed arrived, it turned out to be awfully firm. It is so firm, it feel like a foam pad put on the floor. I actually have difficulty sleeping and have to toss and turn because I develop sore points in the hips and shoulders, where the pressure is so high.

So, buyer beware. After only 2 weeks with this mattress, I am now in the market for another model.

If you own a Simmons Beautyrest mattress, please post your own review and share your opinions. You will help other mattress shoppers make a better buying decision.

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