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Simmons BeautyRest Spa Collection

The Simmons BeautyRest Spa Collection is one of the highly notable series in the Simmons BeautyRest mattress line.

The name BeautyRest refers to a specific technology that Simmons has innovatively created. This exclusive technology features the use of high performance steel coil springs wrapped individually.

This unique design also means that each coil spring reacts and adjusts individually to the weight that presses on them, which means the way it adjusts to each part of your body is unique and independent.

Simmons created a lot of collections using this technology, exploring the many ways the benefits of this technology can be provided to consumers with different preferences. One of these collections is the Spa Collection.

The BeautyRest Spa Collection

The BeautyRest Spa Collection is a collection of mattresses that aims to make consumers feel the same comfort they get when they go to the spa every time they lie down.

The Spa Collection is not one of the flagship collections of the company, so it is not as popular as the other collections in the BeautyRest line.

However, the consumers who have so far purchased and tried the Spa Collection mattresses shared pretty good feedback about them, especially the comfort they received from said mattresses.

The mattresses are known to provide a more plush comfort version of the innerspring masterpiece of the BeautyRest technology. However, the main unique feature of the Spa Collection is the Healthsmart cover feature that comes with a special Coolmax technology.

This cover helps keep the body protected from moisture and sweat. If moisture, including spills, are absorbed by the cover, it quickly dries up. And with the addition of the Nano-Tex technology, even stains come off easier when washed.

It is this combination of three exclusive features that sets the Spa Collection mattresses apart from the rest of the flock.

Other secondary benefits include:
  • Hypoallergenic - the mattress is completely hypoallergenic; it defends against things that may cause allergies
  • Luxurious surface/top cover - the top cover of the mattresses are covered with a luxurious plush fabric that obviously plays a role in the overall comfort provided by the mattresses
  • Aesthetics - the collection includes mattresses that look deserving to be in a prestigious spa; the mattresses featured pristine white velour covers accented with gold piping for a touch of elegance

The Spa Collection

Simmons BeautyRest Night Spa Plush Pillow Top

Check out the 14.5-inch Simmons BeautyRest Night Spa mattress. Living up to the promise of its name, this bed aims to make you feel like you're in a spa all night long.

Offering firm back support combined with ultra comfortable cushioning, this special edition Simmons mattress seems to have everything it needs to give you a great sleep.

There are some special features used in this mattress such as the:
  • Cool latex foam to keep you spa-comfortable cool and dry all night
  • AllerCare to protect you from allergens with the help of a special antibacterial cover
  • Super Pocketed Coils that offer superior conformance and motion separation; it is the individually pocketed coils that have built the solid reputation of the BeautyRest line, after all

BeautyRest Vacation Therapy Spa Mattress

One of the Spa collection mattresses that boast of the many benefits of the Spa collection, the Healthsmart cover, is the Vacation Therapy Spa Mattress, which can be found in some hotels and resorts in the country.

Some Consumer Concerns About Simmons and Its Less Popular Mattresses

Some of Simmons products are well-loved, but there is a large number of Simmons mattresses that are pretty hard to look for and read reviews about due to their lack of popularity.

In all fairness, the Spa Collection is one of these lesser known mattress collections from the leading brand. This may also be because of some consumer complaints that have been released about some of its models.

One of these complaints is the sagging that is observed after some time of using the mattresses. Some consumers also complained about the stringent process it takes to pose complaints to Simmons' customer service.

You'd have to take pictures of the mattress and send it to the company, which can be quite a lot of unnecessary work that busy homeowners just don't have time to do.

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