Simmons Beautyrest TruEnergy Anneliese Mattress Review

by Amanda S.
(Great Falls, Montana)

Glad I got rid of the Junker! I sleep on a Beautyrest Anneliese Pillowtop Hybrid mattress. The hybrid system is built with memory foam on the top half and a coil system in the bottom half. A strong word of advice; if your mattress gets delivered during the colder months of the year I do not recommend running in and jumping on it as soon as it is delivered!

Apparently foam hardens in the cold. Who would have known! It is, however, fairly comfortable to sleep on and because of the way they designed this mattress there is exceptional back support. This mattress is a bit to firm for me as I prefer something a little softer but someone invented the word “compromise” so that is what I had to do.

The main thing that I dislike about this mattress is the softening of the foam. After the 1st year I have noticed an increase in the softness of the foam and I wish it would have held out a bit longer for how much the mattress cost.
I bought the mattress in January 2013. Me and my boyfriend work opposite schedules so it gets slept on from 9pm-4pm the next day nearly every single day. This could account for the added softening within the second year but other than that it has held up very well and I believe it will last us awhile longer before we need to upgrade. The mattress and box spring set cost us $1999. It was worth every penny to get us out of our old junker of a mattress that had springs poking out the side after 3 years!

Our mattress is a King size and I would not trade that for the world. There is no way I would go smaller, although I would go even bigger if it were possible. Compared to our Denver Mattress pillowtop mattress, the junker mentioned above, I would have to say this is by far the best mattress we have owned. I would give this mattress 4 stars because it is a great bed and the design and materials used make this amazing. The reason I would not give it 5 stars is due to the increased softening within the second year and the fact that the “cooling” system this bed claimed to have doesn’t seem to work. It is supposed to have a unique air flow system and materials that help you sleep cooler and I do not notice this difference. It does not prevent this from being a great mattress though.

I would probably not buy this same mattress model again just because there is so much new technology out since we bought this one that I think we can find something even better. I already have my eyes on a Beautyrest Black mattress. I did months of research before buying a mattress. I put probably 60 hours just into computer research as well as about 10 hours of shopping different stores and talking to sales associates.

I believe I will be sticking with Beautyrest mattress in the future because from the research I have done they make a superior product to other brands. For anyone looking at buying a mattress I recommend taking a serious look at the Beautyrest mattresses.

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