Simmons King Sized Beauty Rest Review - Rest Easy, Your Sore Muscles Get a Break with This Beautyrest Mattress

by Dave E.
(Omaha, Nebraska)

My review is on the Simmons King Sized Beauty Rest that I have owned for the last five years. It is very comfortable to sleep on and has lots of space for my wife and myself to stretch out. We even have our two small dogs sleep on the bed with us and there is still plenty of space. This mattress seems to do wonders for my back as before this I had a lot more aches and pains when I would wake up and now that I have the King Sized Beauty Rest, my aches and pains are fewer than ever.

This mattress does provide great back support and is just right with its pressure. It doesn’t seem to be too firm or too soft. The only problem that I have had with this mattress is with my wife’s side of the bed had a spring go through the side recently and has snagged her pants a few times where it ripped a hole in her yoga pants.

I took a pair of wire cutters and snipped it where it doesn’t have the wire sticking out of it. I bought this mattress five years ago and have used it every night since I have bought it. This mattress is very durable and has held up with its comfort level being the same as when I bought it.

My wife and myself bought the entire set (King mattress, box springs, and frame) for eight-hundred dollars. This mattress does not compare to other mattresses I have bought in the past because it is the biggest and most comfortable bed I have ever owned. I would rate this bed five out of five stars. I would buy this same mattress model again. The only other type of bed I would ever consider buying would be a sleep number bed because I slept on one in a hotel before and it was pretty comfortable.

Overall, if you think about what’s important in life, you need to have proper rest to take care of your responsibilities. Statistically speaking you sleep over a third of your life, if you buy a Simmons Beauty Rest you won’t be disappointed.

Plenty of room, lots of comfort and if you want to be close to your partner can or you can stretch out and have lots of space. I have slept on this bed for over five years now and wake up every morning feeling like I have just slept on a cloud.

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