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Sleep Number Bed Problems
What People Don't Like About Sleep Number Beds

Sleep Number bed problems and complaints from mattress owners in Sleep Number reviews are not surprising.

After all, the popular Sleep Number mattresses from Select Comfort sell for high prices and were in a completely different league of beds when they first came out.

It was an air bed mattress in a market dominated by foam and coil spring mattresses.

The decision to launch the Sleep Number bed with much publicity was a brave one on the part of Select Comfort.

Aside from that, the concept of its being adjustable was relatively new at that time. The Sleep by Number bed is not adjustable in the sense that hospital beds are adjustable.

It is adjustable based on firmness level, which is not a frequent feature in the market.

It was only expected that such a unique product would get mixed reactions from consumers, and the Sleep Number bed was not spared from the complaints coming from both consumers and experts.

And despite much hype, popularity, and good feedback, the prevailing complaints still manage to deter a lot of potential customers from buying the Select Comfort Sleep Number bed. So what are these complaints and what should you make of them as a prospective buyer?

Sleep Number Bed Complaints - What's the Real Deal?

To give credit where it is due, the Sleep Number bed has satisfied a lot of consumers. There are more happy consumers than there are irritated and annoyed ones. More often than not, the complaints are mainly because the product did not match some of the consumers' unique preferences.

This is inevitable since people have highly varied needs and wants when it comes to mattresses.

Complaint #1 - Sleep Number Bed Cost - How Much Is A Sleep Number Bed?

Sleep Number bed prices are high enough to prevent a lot of people from buying one. Although quite a few mattress shoppers are interested in the Select Comfort mattress and its unique features, the high prices compel them to find a cheaper alternative.

With the cheapest bed selling for about $1000 and prices ranging to over $5000, these beds require a substantial investment that is out of reach for many and which leads to a considerable number of complaints.

Sleep Number beds have significant advantages not available in other types of mattresses and many loyal owners swear by them, some even refusing to sleep on anything else. Whether or not the benefits are worth the cost is a highly individual decision and can only be made by personally testing this mattress yourself.

Complaint #2 - Sagging

One of the most common Sleep Number bed complaints is the development of trenches or sagging in the middle of the bed. Ironically, this made snuggling more difficult for bed partners, which is a major downside in a bed that's targeted specifically to couples.

This problem is mainly due to the construction of the beds. The Sleep by Number bed allows the sleeper on each side of the bed to customize that side to their preferred firmness level. To make this possible, Select Comfort designed an air mattress with two separate air chambers, one on each side of the mattress.

These two air chambers are fused together in the middle. This unavoidable construction flaw is what causes people to complain about the trenching in the middle.

This is one of the Sleep Number bed complaints that are backed by construction flaws. But as they say, you can't have it all. Since you can't have the adjustability options without the dual air chambers, you simply have to choose the benefit over the disadvantage.

Complaint #3 - Air Pump Problems

Some owners also complained of problems with the air pump used to inflate the bed. All air bed mattresses come with air pumps that inflate them, and many consumers experience problems with the pump at one point.

Consumers who experienced problems with their Sleep Number bed air pumps complained of noisy or failing pumps and pumps that simply do not work at all from the very start. Though it is true that some Sleep Number bed users have replaced their air pumps three to four times, this is a relatively rare case.

Complaint #4 - Sleep Number Bed Mold

A small percentage of Sleep Number owners have complained of mold growing under the foam cushions or inside the air chamber of the mattress. Mold is a serious health concern, especially for those with breathing difficulties and allergy sufferers.

Mattress mold problems are most commonly found in bedrooms with a high humidity level. In response to the outcry, Select Comfort has taken proactive steps to address the problem, including improvements to the antimicrobial treatment applied to the mattress components. If any mold growth occurs, Select Comfort customer service will replace any affected parts at no cost.

Complaint #5 - Sleep Number Bed Assembly Too Difficult

Some people also complained of the bed being difficult to put together. Some happy consumers, however, were quick to point out that they did not have problems with the assembly and that instructions were easy to follow.

Usually, the ease of assembly depends on the person's skill level, knowledge, or experience in assembling home furniture or appliances. This is often not a problem caused by any fault in the Sleep by Number beds themselves.

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Got Sleep Number Bed Problems?

Do you have any Sleep Number bed complaints of your own? Don't hesitate to contact Select Comfort customer service if you experience problems with your purchase. As a consumer you have the privilege to make use of the warranty that comes with every Sleep Number bed.

Select Comfort offers a 30-night guarantee period as well as a 20-year warranty on all Sleep Number beds. During the first 2 years, the warranty is even 100%. Consumers who have experienced problems with their Sleep Number mattresses have also shared that the company answers all problems promptly and diligently replaces defective products.

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