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Sleep Number Bed Reviews
Select Comfort Bed Problems and Benefits

Reviews of Sleep Number beds can help you decide whether or not Select Comfort Sleep by Number beds are worth the cost. These beds (which are sold at Sleep Number bed stores or factory outlets) receive some very positive reviews as well as a considerable number of complaints.

Select Comfort beds possess the distinctive characteristic of enabling you to change the firmness of your mattress to help you get the very best night's rest.

Consumers who bought these beds have found that they can "sleep by number", or determine their own firmness level by adjusting the air pressure inside their Sleep Number mattress.

Select Comfort mattresses are also known as Sleep Number beds. In contrast to most conventional beds, Sleep Number mattresses use cleverly engineered air chambers.

These air bed mattresses may be independently fine-tuned on either side of the bed to your preference for firmness. Changing the "Sleep Number" in a range from zero to one hundred sets the amount of firmness and support.

How Much Does a Sleep Number Bed Cost?

Sleep Number bed prices are relatively high compared to conventional mattresses.

A queen size bed from the basic Classic Series collection costs about $1000 up to $1900. The popular p5, part of the mid-range Performance Series sells for $2300 and a king size from the top of the line Innovation Series can cost over $4700.

Sleep Number Bed Advantages

Select Comfort mattresses have a very loyal following. Here are the benefits most often cited by home users...

  • Mattress firmess is easily adjusted
  • Great for couples - either side of the bed is adjusted independently
  • Isolates motion - no motion transfer to the other side of the bed
  • Improved comfort leads to better sleep
  • Alleviates back and joint pains
  • Reduces pressure points - less tossing and turning
  • In-home trial available
  • Lightweight - easy to move

Sleep Number Bed Problems and Complaints

There is also a sizeable number of complaints...

  • Foam divider in middle of the bed is uncomfortable
  • Air leaks
  • Mattress gains/loses air pressure with atmospheric changes
  • Not comfortable - sagging or too firm
  • Cost - Sleep Number bed prices too high
  • Noise from the air pump
  • Mold growing between foam and air chamber
  • Failure of the air pump

Sleep Number Classic Series Beds

The most affordable series of Select Comfort beds is the Classic Series. The Sleep Number beds in the classic series line come in three different styles and are available in every size from twin to California king.

The C2, C3, and C4 Select Comfort bed models all come with adjustable firmness controls that let you change the softness on each side of the bed.

All the mattresses come with a plush, soft to the touch cover. The C4 model has a 10 inch mattress and a pillow top cover.

For basic Sleep Number mattresses, mattress buyers enjoy the affordable price of the Classic Series. These beds feature thinner mattresses and fewer features than the more costly models.

Prices range from around $650 for a twin size C2 bed and top out at $2150 for a California King C4 bed.

Sleep Number Performance Series Beds

Slightly higher in price are the p5 and p6 Select Comfort beds in the Performance Series. This line of Sleep Number mattresses are all covered with a breathable rayon top.

They also employ a European pillow top surface. Prices for this line range from $2300 up to about $2800 for a queen size bed.

The most popular Select Comfort bed is the Sleep Number p5 bed. It is eleven inches thick and comes with three separate layers of material for ultimate support.

It ranges in price from $1550 for the twin size all the way up to over $2500 for the top of the line Flex Top California King.

Consumers like the P5 for its wireless remote adjustment system. They also say that the bed doesn't make them feel hot when they sleep, even if they select the softest sleep number.

In fact, all the Sleep by Number beds in the Performance Series are lauded for their breathability.

Sleep Number Innovation Series Beds

If you are looking for the ultimate in Select Comfort mattresses, check out the Innovation Series of Sleep Number beds.

Priced between $3500 to $4900, this series goes above and beyond the earlier Sleep Number models to bring you the most personalized sleep comfort you have ever experienced.

The material on top of the i8, i9, and i10 are all designed to wick away moisture and keep you cool as you sleep. Most consumers agree that this technology does work.

These mattresses are all also very thick, up to twelve inches, and covered with memory foam toppers.

The Innovation Series is generally for people who like a firmer night's sleep. Even with the Sleep Number system remote, the softest setting on this line is firmer than the softest setting on the Classic and Performance Series.

However, the Innovation Series provides exceptional support and many happy customers have reported a reduction in their back pain after sleeping on the mattress for a few weeks.

All Select Comfort beds let you have a thirty day in home trial after which you can return the bed free of charge if you are not satisfied.

The exceptional comfort provided by an individually adjustable mattress makes Select Comfort beds one of the best choices for a good night's sleep.

Consumers have reported problems with air leaks in the mattress and failure of the air pump. Another concern is the handling of warranty claims.

Trying to return the bed or asking for a refund has been a source of difficulty for customers.

Sleep Number Classic Series Special Edition

The Classic Special Edition Bed is noted for taking advantage of the unique benefits of the Select Comfort mattress.

It features the enhanced luxury of exclusive contouring comfort material and the Whisper-quiet Firmness Control System, which is unique to Sleep Number beds.

This model features a Sleep Number mattress with a 10-inch European style pillow top. It also comes with a silky smooth woven surface that is ideal for sleeping.

The Special Edition is one of the Sleep Number beds with a full 1.5-inch exclusive Intralux comfort material that responds quickly as a sleeper moves.

There are five unique zones in the mattress that naturally and comfortably support the human body's natural curves. Standard retail price is about $1,400.

Sleep Number Waterbed Mattress Replacement

Waterbed Replacement is among the most reasonably priced and popular Sleep Number mattress models available.

As the name implies, this Select Comfort bed could truly serve as a replacement for any waterbed sleep set.

This bed model features an 11-inch European style pillow top with a super soft knit that is breathable enough to facilitate comfort.

There is also a two-inch exclusive Intralux comfort material that responds quickly to sleeper's movements. Three unique zones provide natural support to users' natural body curves.

A three-inch riser system is included in every Queen and King size Waterbed Replacement bed. Unlike all other Sleep Number mattress models, this one lacks a foundation and solid or flat surfaces that resemble common waterbeds.

Standard retail price is about $1,600.

A 25-year warranty is applied to Select Comfort mattresses. The brand warrants that its mattress and foundation will be free from any significant defects, both in workmanship and in materials.

The reviews we have gathered often question the high price for what essentially is an air mattress. Despite this, Select Comfort mattresses are recommendable. The main point of concern for consumers is the possibility of air leaks and failure of the air pump mechanism.

Whether you prefer a p5 Sleep Number Bed, the Classic Special Edition Bed, a Sleep Number Waterbed Mattress Replacement bed, or other models from the brand, you can be sure you are choosing a good bed.

The minor issues found in consumer reviews are outweighed by the unique features and individualized comfort settings.

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