Sleepless and Sore On My Leader Elegance Mattress

by John A.
(Lancaster, CA)

Our mattress is a Leader Elegance, Posture Perfect. “For the ultimate in comfort,” the label says. That may have been the case for the first year after we bought it, but 8 years of wear and it is a whole different mattress.

I do not remember the last time I had a good night’s sleep. Our mattress is killing my back to the point where I just ache all day. It is about time to buy a new one.

It is a queen sized mattress which we got with box-spring and frame for about $175.00. I think it was worth the price at the time - but you do get what you pay for, and that is why it hasn't lasted very long. It is really no longer comfortable to sleep on, and I really don't like anything about it anymore. When we first bought it, it was very comfortable. However, I think it has overstayed its welcome.

We wake up every morning with aches and pains. It no longer provides proper support at all. I need to use pillows to provide the needed support for my back and legs. When we first purchased it, it was nice and firm and was a HUGE improvement over the cheap ($100) futon we were sleeping on before. But now, we are pretty much better off sleeping on the floor because it has just become too soft.

Aside from no longer being comfortable, it squeaks. Part of this is the box spring, but we have also actually tried putting it directly on the floor with no box spring or frame, and it still squeaks/creeks when we get in or out of bed. It causes a lot of problems when one of us needs to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and wakes up the other one (no matter how careful they are). I would love to get a brand new, sturdier mattress right about now.

If I could purchase a new mattress, we would definitely need to buy a California King because we have 3 kids now (that we didn't have when we purchased our current queen-sized mattress) who like to crawl up in bed with us, and the extra room would help a lot with ensuring everyone is comfortable.

At this point, I would rate our current mattress a 2 - fair. It did what it could for what it cost, but it is time to move on. When we buy a new mattress, we will definitely not buy the same brand/model again.

We didn't really research this one when we purchased it as we were short on money at the time. As such, we were just looking for something cheap at the furniture store down the street that would hold us over until we saved up some more money to buy a really nice one.

When we do purchase a new mattress, it is going to be super nice. I am thinking of either a Sealy Posturepedic or maybe even give that sleep number bed a try. Hopefully we have much better sleep coming in the near future.

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