SleepLogic Refresh 2120

by HannahLou

I received my SleepLogic Refresh 2120 six months ago, two days after I was released from the hospital. I had gone in for an asthma attack with complications from bronchitis and a hole in my lung.

I had just sold my mattress and bedroom suite a few weeks before and had received my new bed in the mail and already put it together. It was simply waiting on a mattress.

I spent a week in the hospital, where I slept on foamy mattress toppers and had a million squishy pillows. When I was released, I went to pick out a mattress. Probably not the best day to be mattress hunting, since I felt horribly and could barely breathe still, but I didn’t have anything to sleep on.

I probably tried a thousand mattresses, and I finally settled on one with a foam top that I thought would keep my ribcage from possibly hurting any more than it already did. When it was delivered and I slept on it that night, I felt like I was sleeping on a slab of concrete. Luckily the mattress store had a 90-day satisfaction policy. I returned it and picked another, which that night felt like it was trying to drown me.

Finally, my third choice. A SleepLogic Refresh 2120. When I slept on it that night, it felt perfect. For someone with a punctured lung and bruised ribs, I slept perfectly. It has just the right amount of pillow top on the top layer with enough firm support in the underneath coil layers to offer plenty of back support as well.

It’s made extremely well, requiring no constant turning or flipping to stay even. There are no saggy spots and there isn’t a single area where springs or coils can be felt.

The pillow top layer is a couple of inches thick and made from the European pillow top material, so it’s one of the most comfortable mattresses I’ve ever slept on. I’ve also noticed that the plush material on the top layer doesn’t trap or hold a lot of dust or debris.

I vacuum my mattress once a month to help with my allergies and asthma, and this mattress seems to do exceptionally well with not stirring up any new allergies. The only thing, if I had any complaints at all, would be that since it has the plush pillow top, it can’t be flipped completely over.

It can be rotated so that the head is at the feet, but if there are any juice spills or anything of the sort, it can’t be flipped over. However, I still wouldn’t trade it for any other mattress.

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