Spinal Support or Nothing

by Konstantin G.
(Los Angeles)

Around ten years ago, when I was moving from an artist's loft to a one bedroom apartment, the movers unplugged the fridge, which promptly defrosted, leaked water into and soaked my old mattress and thus ruined it.

I did not have much time to do research, so I went to a local shop, Mattress King, on Pico Blvd, here in West Los Angeles. There was only one salesperson there and per his instructions, I simply laid down on just about every mattress they had on the sales floor, until I hit the most comfortable one.

One of the features he demonstrated was if a person turned over on one side of the mattress, it wouldn't jolt or disturb the other person sleeping. Fortunately my California King sized Spinal Support mattress was quite affordable, and in already stock.

As I recall it only cost about $375 (plus a little extra for delivery) for the top; I have a platform bed and didn't need the box spring section. In those ten years, my mattress has outlasted three girlfriends (all of who agreed that it was the most comfortable mattress they had slept on).

If it was possible to rate this mattress Six Stars, I would, it has been an exceptional sleeping experience. Never too hot, never too cold; firm and supportive, but feels soft and giving. It really lulls you to sleep within the first ten minutes of laying down.

It's due for replacement soon because it's starting to form a slight impression where I sleep. even thought I flip it every few month as the sales person instructed back then. I'm sure it's more expensive now, so I'll have do save up, but I will definitely go back and ask for the same firm, comfortable Spinal Support mattress.

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