Stearns and Foster Cora Luxury Plush Mattress

by Ashley M.
(Arlington, Virginia)

The mattress which I am reviewing is the Stearns and Foster Cora Luxury Plush Mattress, which I purchased at Sleepys. I purchased the mattress approximately six months ago, and so far have fantastic reviews. When it was first delivered, I had some difficulty adjusting.

The mattress is plush, but it seemed to be somewhat tough in that the sides/ends would not give. I felt as if I was being forced to sleep in the middle of the bed, as the sides simply would not give.

However, after the first two nights, the bed conformed to my body, and the “tough edges” were no longer an issue.
One of the best features about the bed is that does not have to be “flipped” to the other side, like previous mattresses that I’ve owned. Every few months, you simply turn it.

The mattress is not too firm or too soft. I did a large amount of research prior to purchasing the bed, which included visiting many stores, laying on the beds, doing online research and reading reviews. The bed I was using caused major neck and bad pain.

This bed provides comfort and support throughout the entire night. I no longer awake in pain, have a stiff neck because of a lumpy mattress, or need to readjust at night. The mattress provides support for my upper and lower body; I have never slept better.

The bed is not too heavy, which is a major plus if you’re planning to move. It seems to be extremely durable. Within the 6 months that I’ve owned the mattress, I’ve moved, switched bedrooms, and changed the position of the room. The mattress shows no wear or tear, and sleeps wonderfully. I have zero complaints.

I purchased the queen size. I live in an apartment, so I wouldn’t imagine a King would fit the typical apartment sized bedrooms. The queen is large enough, and fits quite a distance off the ground. That feature was the only true adjustment I had to get used too. Overall, I would say this is the best mattress I’ve owned. The price is truly worth it.

If you’re not wanting to purchase a mattress every other year (or so), I would certainly recommend the Stearns and Foster Cora Luxury Plus Queen Mattress. I paid right about $1200, but I believe that it will last for many years.

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