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Stearns and Foster Mattress Reviews

A Stearns & Foster mattress uses advanced sleep science coupled with expert construction to provide you with luxurious innerspring and foam mattresses.

Stearns and Foster is a brand operated by Sealy; it offers some of Sealy's more prestigious models.

Their success is attributed to the advanced technologies used in Stearns Foster mattresses.

To understand what the brand offers that other brands don't requires a closer look into these different technologies.

Stearns and Foster Mattress Technologies


The Intellicoil appears in several Stearns and Foster mattress models. It is a very unique coil system wherein two different coils are designed so that they work together as one.

The coil system contains one outer coil, which is responsible for providing soft and comfortable cradling support for the body, plus an inner coil, which offers a more resilient, firmer support for a better combination.

This technology is patented and is one of the secrets of these mattresses.

Variable Response Technology

The Variable Response Technology is another exclusive innovation. This is a special upholstery material used to provide extra responsiveness in areas where more support is needed, but provide softer cushioning in the areas where softness is needed.

Smart Latex

Stearns and Foster's latex mattresses are equipped with Smart Latex, a breathable form of latex that effectively adapts not just to the body but also to the way you sleep. As the Smart Latex gets acquainted with your body, the more pressure points are relieved.

Other features

  • Box spring foundation
  • Cashmere-infused woven fabric for the cover

Popular Models

Stearns and Foster Wethersfield Luxury Firm

The Wethersfield model is one of the popular Stearns and Foster mattresses, and the most widely reviewed variant of this model is the luxury firm version.

Stearns and Foster is very specific in its durability claims to protect its reputation. For the Wethersfield model, the comfort life is 12 years.

The comfort layer is made up of a high loft fiber and 1 inch Hypersoft material, while an extra comfort padding layer is added; this is made up of 1 inch density SuperSoft foam with VRT and a 1 inch HD High Performance foam.

It comes with individually wrapped coil springs with a coil gauge of 13.75 and a 2.5-inch foam encasement.

Consumers describe the mattress...
  • Provides sufficient support without being too hard
  • Very comfortable
  • Has been able to relieve neck and back pains
  • Is easy to assemble
Price: $1,080

Stearns and Foster Princes Street Luxury Firm

Another popular model is the Princes Street. This 15-inch mattress features has the same comfort layers, except that, for the comfort padding layers, it uses a combination of 2-inch High Density SuperSoft foam with VRT, Versare, 1.5-inch High Density foam, and a 0.79 inch Smart Latex layer.

Its coil system has 13.75 gauge individually wrapped coils, a no flip design, and a comfort scale of 4.5. It has a 10-year warranty against mattress damage and durability issues.

Price: $1,890

Stearns and Foster Robson Street Luxury Firm

To complete Stearns and Foster's best trio is the Robson Street, also in the luxury firm variant.

This model comes with a quilt top made up of a high loft fiber, 1 inch Hypersoft, and 1.5x1.5 convoluted Hypersoft, plus comfort padding layers made up of a 2-inch HD SuperSoft foam with VRT, 1-inch High Density foam, plus two unique additions: Versare and a 0.5-inch layer of memory foam.

This is a high-rise mattress, perfect for those who appreciate a little more height and cushioning.

Price: $1,260

Some Concerns about Stearns and Foster Mattresses

People also shared some concerns about Stearns Foster mattresses. For example, some consumers complained about their mattresses developing severe bed indentations after two years.

Although the mattresses come with a warranty, even the slightest stains can make the warranty void, so you're stuck with the indented mattress. For some consumers, they had to deal with not just indentations but deep ridges on the sides of the mattress or down the middle.

Some even experienced the problem after just a few months. However, Stearns and Foster can offer replacements for such products; just contact their customer support.

Have You Slept On A Stearns & Foster Mattress?
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Your Stearns and Foster Reviews

My Stearns & Foster Ultra Pillowtop Mattress Is Just Perfect

by Faith

Our mattress is a Stearns & Foster Ultra Pillowtop. It is the most comfortable mattress we have ever owned! It is supportive but soft. I have a back injury due to a car wreck several years ago, and it provides enough support for my back. It’s not too hard or too soft. It’s just perfect.

We bought it at an outlet store named The Red Barn. It has since closed when the owners retired and no one else bought the business. It was a rejected mattress because there was a black mark on the front of the mattress due to a mistake that occurred during the manufacturing process. The defect did not affect the quality of the mattress, but it made it a lot cheaper than buying it in a retail store.

They do not sell any mattresses with defects, so they are sent to outlet stores. We paid about two hundred dollars for it and that was over ten years ago. The mark did not matter to us because with sheets on the bed, you don’t even know it is there.

It is still just as comfortable today as it was the day we bought it. Even when we go on vacation and stay in hotels, we still can’t wait to get home to our own bed. When we are ready to buy another mattress, we will definitely look for another Stearns & Foster mattress. Our mattress is a King size mattress, and we would never go to a smaller size.

We would give this mattress a five star rating. I would never buy another brand of mattress after owning this Sterns & Foster ultra pillowtop mattress. If anyone is shopping for the perfect mattress, we would recommend the Sterns & Foster ultra pillowtop mattress 100%.

Still My Favorite Bed Of All Time! Stearns and Foster King Size

by J.T.

The mattress I currently own is a Stearns and Foster. My fiancé and I bought this bed when we moved into our new house to upgrade from the old mattress that I had been using since college. We bought the bed at a Sleepy’s mattress store, which I can honestly say was a great experience.

What I really liked was the fact that the saleswoman really was interested in helping both of us select the perfect bed. We tried several ones and this Stearns and Foster really was best for both of us. In the entire process I was looking for something medium/hard and she was looking for medium in softness and spring in the bed.

The one we chose was a King Size and cost around 2,000. The great thing was we were able to finance so we only put up about $100 when we went to the store. We had the bed delivered on a Saturday Morning, and the bed was so big it barely fit up our stairs. Finally the bed was in the room and we were able to sleep in peace. No more sounds coming from broken springs in the box spring and no more tossing and turning.

The bed sits about 4 feet from the ground which I like because it is positioned perfectly for the flat screen tv we have in our room. It took about a week to get used to the firmness that was chosen for both of us, but once we did it was really the best decision we had made in terms of what type of bed to get.

We have had the bed for almost a year now and it is still my favorite bed of all time. I actually look forward to going to bed in it now. For a star rating I would give my Stearns and Foster King Size bed a 5 for excellent.

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