Stearns & Foster Chestnut Street Luxury Firm Review

by Ashley S.
(Washington, DC)

I bought my Stearns & Foster Chestnut Street Firm mattress from a Mattress Discounter's located in Washington, DC.

I bought the mattress about 4 months ago.

I had heard a ton of good things in Stearns and Foster mattress reviews so I decided to start my search with that brand.

After reading a couple of reviews myself, I had narrowed it down to one of the three mattresses: Chestnut Street Firm, Chestnut Street EuroTop, or the Chestnut Street Luxury Plush.

The last thing I had to do was go into the store and try each one out. I immediately fell in love with the Chestnut Street Firm. I was going to originally buy this mattress to put in the guest room, but since I was in need of a new mattress in the master bedroom, I decided to test out the Stearns & Foster mattress in my bedroom first.

As it stands right now, I loved the mattress so much, that I decided to keep it for my bedroom, and buy the same exact mattress for the guest room. This mattress is great and comfortable.

My old mattress used to hurt my back, which is obviously a major concern for most people. It used to take me a little while to fall asleep with my old mattress, and ever since I started using the Stearns & Foster, it feels like heaven and I just drift away to sleep.

I am truly amazed at how much of a difference a mattress can make to your sleeping experience! Also, I do not sleep with a pillow so it was important to me to find a mattress that would provide comfort to my body, particularly my upper body.

I was used to getting into bed and sinking in, and this mattress is the exact opposite- it is very firm and whether I am laying on my back, stomach, or side, I feel comfort all around.

I would definitely recommend this mattress to anyone that is looking for a firm bed. The only set back was the price. I ended up paying $800 at Mattress Discounters, but fortunately I was looking through the newspaper the following week and saw Sleepy's was selling the same mattress for $200 cheaper!

I went back to Mattress Discounters and was able to get a refund for the difference. Therefore, my one major suggestion is shop around to find the cheapest price and it will definitely be worth your time and money!

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Jul 19, 2011
Great Bed
by: CA

I fell in love with this bed. Being someone that has not slept well the past few years due to several deployments overseas I have been in need of something to help me relax. This bed is amazing.

Oct 06, 2011
Different names. Beware of this game!!
by: Donna King

Lets be real!!

Mattress Discounters, and Sleepy's -- just for starters -- sell Stearns & Foster (and other brands) using DIFFERENT names!!! So, Chestnut Street Luxury Firm Mattress simply CANNOT BE FOUND in both stores!! This is a Mattress Discounters ONLY brand. At Sleepy's its called Newgate, or Blisswood.

Remember the "NAME GAME" on LAUGH IN???

The price games is another subject.

Beware, and BE AWARE!!

Nevertheless, this is a wonderful mattress. Enjoy!!!

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