Stearns & Foster “Plaza” Hotel Mattress Review

by Helen P.

Over my lifetime, I have owned–and still own–many mattresses. I’ve slept on them all and been pleased with most. A couple of years ago, I needed one more mattress, and treated myself to a Stearns & Foster “Plaza”.

This is the mattress that the old Plaza Hotel in New York used in its fabulous hotel. For a lover of a firm mattress, this is the best.

Of course it’s handsome. I ordered the deeper box spring because it seemed to give a more generous look. But I would not suggest it for someone who doesn’t like a higher bed. Mine is on a frame and still sits a bit high for an older person–or a small dog to jump onto without help.

So for use with a poster bed or in a room with low ceilings, it would be better to get the reduced size box spring.

This is not a pillow top bed, so fans of a softer feel will not be happy with this choice, unless they buy a pillow top cover for it. Even as a hard bed lover, at first I found it a little like sleeping on the floor. But after using it just awhile, it must have gotten used to me and adapted, and I would buy the same type of model again. The Plaza provides excellent support and a great night’s sleep.

Since I sleep on this mattress alone, I cannot claim to know whether it’s as great as the Simmons Beautyrest mattresses with separate coils that really do allow one person not to wake the other as readily as some of the older mattresses did. I also love my Beautyrest, which provides an excellent night’s sleep, and I’ve had mine in part-time service for about 15 years, and it’s still as great as the first day I slept on it.

It doesn’t feel as firm as the Plaza, but it’s exceptionally comfortable. Someone who will be buying a mattress to share will want to try the Plaza out at the store–taking along with the companion–to compare it to the Beautyrest. At one time, I loved my Sealy Posturpedic, but I haven’t had a new one in a long time, and I’m inclined to go with what has worked recently. When something is excellent, why change?

My mother has had good mattress from Bloomingdale’s that failed after only a year and needed to be returned on the warranty. The Plaza–and the Beautyrest–have not caused any problems. In fact my main complaint about the Plaza is that it’s built so well, it’s heavy to move around, and it has only one side for sleeping, unlike older mattresses. At least you don’t need to turn it all the time!

So, if I were ready to buy again, I’d try to compare the Plaza and Beautyrest, side by side, and go by what feels comfortable to me today and, of course, which gives me the better deal for the price.

I bought my Stearns & Foster at Mattress Discounters, where I had a good range of mattresses to choose from. This one just seemed the best for a firm mattress and still seems worth the price, which was about $1100 for a double, back a few years ago.

For firm mattress lovers, I would give the Stearns & Foster Plaza, or it’s more updated version, 4.5 stars, holding back a half star only because of the initial hardness and the option to check out Beautyrest.

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Oct 26, 2012
Awful This worst
by: Anonymous

Hi I bought this mattress after having my old one for 13 yrs. It was time. Well my new Sterns and Fosters, Plaza after four years it has a body sag on my side my husbands sid is worse. I'm 5'6 129lbs. I sleep in a hole. My husbands side is worse when he rolls over you hear the springs and one is broke! His side is like a canyon! We are in CONSTANT PAIN. I never had back problems now I am always taken motrin when I wake up. My husband is also in pain and spends most of his nights sleeping on the coach. I can't find my receipt they wont even give me a partial warranty! After 3 1/2yrs Im taking this piece of garbage to the curb! I will NEVER buy another Sterns and Foster. I paid a little over 1400. I will buy something on clearance and when it fails who cares!

Jun 12, 2013
Stearns & Foster Plaza bed is awesome!
by: La Mirada, CA

We have had our Stearns & Foster Plaza queen set for almost 5 years now. We bought it from an Ortho discount outlet, and it is still as wonderful as the day we bought it. Ours is a eurotop. Yes it is heavy and cannot be flipped over but it can and should be rotated on occassion. My comment to those who have bought a bad set...well you have a warranty with it..use it or take the set back to where you bought it and request an exchange for a different mattress. I know others who have Stearns & Foster for years and have not had problems. But sometimes with ALL products, you get a fluke.

Dec 27, 2013
would not buy again
by: Anonymous

I have had the Sterns & Foster Plaza king size mattress for 3 and 1/2 years. I noticed it sagging after about 6 months but it didn't seem too bad but now the sagging has gotten worse and I am beginning to feel like I'm laying in a hole. This makes turning in your sleep difficult, so inevitably, I wake up when I have to turn over, holding on to the side of the bed to pull myself out of the hole! My husband hasn't complained yet - I'm heavier than he is. I bought my mattresses at a mattress outlet that has since gone out of business - I'm grateful that I only paid a $1000 for my mine but that is still way too much considering the poor quality. The $150 purchased (used) queen Serta mattresses sleep 100 times better!

Apr 15, 2016
Indentations after a short time
by: Anonymous

We purchased the thick pillow top Plaza Stearns and Foster some years ago from Macys. After a short time both sides of the bed, where my husband and I sleep, formed indentations. They are permanent, so if you try to roll over in the night, you roll back into the indentation. Very annoying and it wasn't a cheap mattress. Another problem that most likely contributes to this is that you cannot flip a pillow top mattress. It is also very warm, I believe the pillow top is made with memory foam although the salesperson as Macys said it was not. Memory foam becomes very hot.

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