Stearns & Foster Portofino Luxury Plush Euro Pillowtop Mattress

by DS

Which side did I sleep on?

Which side did I sleep on?

After more than a month or agonizing research, I decided to buy the Portofino bed from Costco. I did not like the idea of purchasing a bed without being able to test the mattress, but the S & F mattresses I had tried in other stores seemed comfortable. This had very similar specs to the Fiona for half the price.

First, the thing is huge. The mattress itself is 16" but it seems bigger. I ended up having to buy king sheets for a queen bed because nothing seemed deep enough to fit.

Stretching out on it, once I got it up, wasn't the plush experience I expected. It didn't seem to be as plush as the Fiona, yet it's rated as the plushest they make.

The outgassing was HORRID! I have allergies and asthma & I could not believe how toxic this thing was once the plastic came off. I ended up having to open the window and crank the air purifier to high and close the door. And hour later, I added a second air purifier (one rated for a much larger room) to the mix and had a fan blasting to help circulate the air. Hours later there seemed to be no improvement. Even opening the room didn't help much. I had trouble the whole night - almost ended up out on the couch.

The comfort... Well, regardless of my exhaustion, I was still awake well after an hour. It wasn't that the mattress was blatantly uncomfortable, per se, but it wasn't exactly lulling me to sleep. I found simply trying to roll over didn't really work - I had to sit up & reposition myself rather than simply rolling to one side or the other. (Queen bed, just me, approximately 140 lbs.) Woke up in pain. Got up & noticed a distinct "hole" in the center of the mattress. It did not bounce back. After one night, we're talking a worse permanent depression than the 12 year old Serta mattress it was replacing. (Which had never been a comfortable mattress...)

Just to verify that it wasn't just my perception, I smoothed out the mattress & bedding and ran a metal tape measure across the mattress. I then propped a ruler up next to it to try to gauge the depth of the crater. (See photo) It's about 1.5" after just one night.

I tried calling S & F about it and that girl couldn't care less. She told me to deal with the retailer. She said that it will conform to my body (as if this is a bonus feature) and will only get softer over time. Well, I don't consider a huge sag in the middle of the bed (basically forcing me to roll into an ever-increasing hole) a normal or desirable thing. I also noticed that, if I sat on the edge of the bed, it sagged under me as if there was no side support (it actually bulged out the side). When I called Costco about all this (had they had other complaints, etc?) I got a boy who told me, in a very tired (as if he'd had to repeat this line over & over), "As with anything at Costco, you can just return it...." Yeah. Was planning on that, thank you. Trouble is - I had a hell of a time getting someone to help me get it home in the first place. I don't have a truck or an extra pair of hands to get it back.

I tried a second night & the problem only got worse. Not only is the crater larger, but there are now a few small spots bulging up. Very lumpy. Only 2 nights. I've never seen such a thing. I'd heard S & F was supposed to be a really good quality mattress. (One salesman had said it was the elite line of Sealy, like Lexus is to Toyota.) This could simply be a defective mattress, but given the horrible attitude of the CS rep and the difficulty getting it home & back, I'm not about to take a chance. It's going back for good and I'm very seriously leaning toward going back to an old fashioned hardside waterbed. No lumps. No breakdown. No saggy edges. You know what you're getting. I had mine for 14 years without any issues at all. Wish I'd never sold it, but I moved frequently & it was a pain to move.

I'm very disappointed in the whole experience. It's bad enough to have problems with a product, but when the company doesn't care or stand behind it... It's just sad.

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Mar 03, 2012
Not buying
by: Anonymous

I was going to buy this mattress, but I guess NOT, after reading this.

Mar 05, 2012
Wish I know this before
by: Anonymous

I just bought one from CostCo two days back and I'm having the same issue. I'm planning to return it. Thanks for the review.

Jun 12, 2012
dissatisfied with my Portofino
by: Anonymous

I purchaced a Chapman mattress from Costco on May 16,2012. It was uncomfortable so I exchanged it for the Sterns & Foster Portofino Luxury Plush Ero Pillowtop Mattress. As bad as I want to believe it is comfortable I can't. It feels like I'm sleeping in a hammock, it sleeps hot. It's hard to change positions. I have to raise up, get into sitting position to turn over. As hard as it is to move the heavy mattress I'm going to try to find someone to help me take it back to Costco. I think their new mattresses have too much memory foam.I'm really glad Costco will let me return it.

Aug 29, 2012
Hard to believe!
by: Anonymous

I have just completed reading the complaints of the mattress being too hard, too hot and outgassing. I did not find any of these problems. Got the matress home (it was quite heavy) and removed all the plastic. Did not notice any funny smells. Sat on it and it felt like so many of the mattresses I have slept on in those 5 star hotels. I didn't feel warmer (or cooler) sleeping on the bed.

The reason I am writing this is because my experience with this mattress was what I expected, Excellent!

Thank you Stearns & Foster!!!

Mar 25, 2015
I never post... but had to
by: Anonymous

I wanted to have a plush bed so badly, got a great deal on this bed. It FEELS nice when you test it out. I bought the mattress and came home to it after 2 days of straight traveling...sure it was going to be a great night of sleep. This bed has the uncanny ability to keep you awake without you knowing why. after 3 days of no sleep i got up in the middle of the night and slept in the guest room... instant sleep the second i was in a bed that didn't subtly bend me into a pretzel.

maybe it'll work for you but definitely don't buy this without a return option.

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