Tempur-Pedic Contour Signature Mattress Review

by Daniel S.
(Columbus, OH)

I currently own and sleep on a Tempur-Pedic Contour Signature mattress which I purchased just a few months ago. I have to say it is definitely the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. What drew me to this model is that it was designed to be a great combination of comfort and support.

So far, it has definitely lived up to the description. It still feels like it is a brand new mattress every night I sleep on it. What I personally like best about it is that it is a "medium" matress. By that, I mean I do not like mattresses that are overly firm because they can be uncomfortable, nor do I like overly soft mattresses because they can cause soreness. I have found a happy medium with this mattress.

I had some back soreness with the last mattress I owned because it was too soft. I have not had any problems with this since switching to the Contour Signature. I bought the mattress just a few months ago directly from Tempur-Pedic using their website. I do not think there will be any durability issues, this mattress just feels too high of quality and they offer a great guarantee.

I purchased a queen size mattress. I am a tall guy at 6'2 so I have to have at least a queen size or my feet will hang over the edge. I would have liked to get a king size but it was not a good idea because my bedroom is
fairly tight and would have made things just a bit too crammed.

The mattress costs around $2,500 which I know is very expensive, but I treated the purchase like an investment because I truly beleive this is going to be my mattress for at least the next ten years. Tempur-Pedic also does offer financing so you can pay over time. This mattress is definitely worthy of an excellent five-star rating.

As I mentioned before, this is far and away the best mattress I have ever owned and as a result the best sleep I have ever had on a consistent basis. I did do a lot of research before making this purchase because I wanted to make sure I was spending this amount of money wisely. I spent a good amount of time on their website and signed up for them to send me their information in the mail which included a booklet guide, an informative DVD, and even a sample of the Tempur foam they use to make the mattresses.

When the time comes ten or fifteen years from now, I would say that I would definitely puchase this mattress again, and I would recommend it to anyone. These Tempur-Pedic mattresses are expensive but I think they are worth the money.

Anyone who is considering getting a new mattress, I suggest you to go to the website and sign up for them to send you the packet with the guide booklet and DVD. I can say without any hesitation that I am sure glad I did.

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Aug 29, 2012
Temper Pedic is hot
by: tom

I purchased a Temper Pedic Contour mattress and box springs. It was comfortable to lay on and I believe it would be good to minimize back pain, but I found that I would wake up after a couple of hours of sleep because the the heat retained in mattress. Even with my air conditioning set lower and a fan blowing in my bedroom it was too hot to sleep after just a few hours. I called Tempur-Pedic's customer service line and there response was to sleep with no blankets. I tried the mattress for another two weeks, but after too many hot nights I called the store where I bought it and they agreed to exchange it for another brand. I notice the first night with the exchanged mattress that the heat problem was non existent. So if you like it hot Temper Pedic is the brand for you. If not try another brand.

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My TEMPUR-Contour Signature Mattress

by John

Let me give you some background about me, because I feel knowing me will help you understand my mattress. I am 18 years old, and I am a Division 1 athlete in the NCAA. I spend anywhere from three to five hours a day running, lifting weights, stretching, and in general working my butt off.

On top of college classes, I get damn tired. So I take my sleep at a PREMIUM. I need my sleep, demand it.

I need to be able to sleep anywhere from nine to twelve hours sound asleep and be able to wake up without any aches or pain from a poor mattress.

SO this brings me to my current set up: the Tempurpedic mattress. I initially heard it when i was a child, just by word of mouth, snippets of conversation, or cheesy commercials while watching TV. So, once I finally got serious about my sports (this coincided with a growth spurt), I decided to get a new mattress.

My old one had been used since i was 5, and had long over stayed in my bedroom. I was looking for something to give me support for my aching muscles and be comfy enough to let me sleep for long periods of time.

So I eventually wheeled and dealed to have my parents pony up the extra cash for a Tempurpedic mattress. We eventually got the TEMPUR-Contour Signature mattress. At first i was dissapointed, there was no magical overnight change. BUT, like all things that are good in life, the change wasn't immediate.

It was just as good as my old mattress at first. But then i started to notice a subtle change in my sleep; fuller, deeper. Bit by bit my muscles would be assuaged to wakefulness. It was nice to see as time went on, my sleep debt and muscle soreness decrease. Now, i'm the "proud" owner of a Tempurpedic mattress.

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My Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Contour Bed King Size - Firm Yet Comfortable (4 Stars)

by Heather

I have the king size Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Contour bed. I purchased it one year ago at Gallery Furniture for about $2000. It was definitely worth the money, it is firm yet comfortable.

I wouldn't call this bed a bargain, but compared to a coil spring mattress that tends to sink in the middle after just a few short years, this bed seems like it will last a long time. I get cold very easily and this bed is very good at keeping me warm, but my husband is very warm natured and does not feel overheated by the bed.

The bed itself is very deep, but I can still fit regular king size sheets on it which is a plus. I did not purchase the special Tempur Pedic sheets available with this bed - they were very expensive and the high thread count tends to overheat my husband.

I also like that the mattress cover is machine washable, we have taken it off of the bed and washed it several times so far. It is quite a time consuming task, as the bed is very heavy, but with two people lifting the corners of the bed, it is quite manageable.

I had previously owned one of the "knock off" Tempur Pedic beds, and have sent this one to the guest room as I found that it is not only the quality of the memory foam that makes the Tempur Pedic so comfortable, it is also the quality of the layers of regular foam underneath.

I found that with the knock off brands, the foam underneath the memory foam starts to break down and can still lead to a lumpy, less comfortable bed. We sent it to the guest room because it will get much less use there and should last longer.

The only problems I have found with the bed so far are that it is very heavy - it takes two strong people (or three weaker people) to move it. Additionally, the thin cover that is over the foam tends to make the middle of the fitted sheet ride up on the bed, so that when you wake up, it is over the edge toward you.

I think this is just because of the material and us moving around at night. Also, sometimes the bed feels like it is a bit too firm. I sometimes find myself wishing I had purchased the medium-firm bed instead of the firm one. However, all of this being said, I do not regret purchasing this bed.

It is by far, hands down, the best bed I have ever owned. I have had significant relief in back problems since owning this bed.

I would give this bed a 4 star rating - I would give it the fifth star if it wasn't so heavy and if it was just a little bit less firm - but if it was less heavy the foam would be lower quality and the firmness is definitely a buyer error.

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