Therapedic Medi Coil Mattress Review

by Tammy
(Phoenix, AZ USA)

When I bought my Ther-a-Pedic Medi Coil Prism Covington mattress, it was fine. It was firm enough and since it is a queen size bed it was big enough. However, after a few year the bed has become very uncomfortable.

It is not as firm as it was when I first bought it, and I often wake up feeling sore and fatigued around my back and neck which makes it hard to get up in the morning and be motivated to attack the day. We have had to place a wood board in between the mattress and the box spring in order to help firm the bed but that is really not working.

I believe the cost of the bed may have been as low as $300 but no more than $500 and we purchased the bed at Sleep America here in Phoenix. We were living overseas and we we returned to the States we need a cheap bed at the time to get by. The bed was fine at first but it is no longer is satisfactory.

I have slept in better quality beds at relatives and hotels. I felt so much better in the morning compared to my own bed. We have had the bed for almost seven or eight years, and I have considered purchasing a new bed over the last couple of years, but the beds I would like to buy are too expensive for me at this time.

If I had to rate the bed on a scale I would rate the bed as 2 Stars or Fair. When we first bought the bed I may have rated it 3 Stars or Good, but again after just a year or two the bed just got worse and worse. I think for someone one a tight budget the bed will work but if a good nights sleep is important I would considering spending more.

The bed is about that same as all the beds I have owned in the past. I have never invested too much into a bed as it was never that important to me. However, as I get older, owning a better bed has become more important to me, so definitely not buy the same model again.

When I purchase another bed I will be looking for a bed with much more quality. At the age of 42 with two kids, I need a bed that will make me feel good in the morning when I wake up and invigorate me so I can excel me work and come home more refreshed. If I think about it, I may really only get a few hours of sleep since I continue to toss and turn all night.

I don’t regret purchasing the bed as it made sense at the time, but for my future bed I want to treat myself to something special that is of quality and will last many more years. I want to bed that I can’t wait to lay down on and a bed that my kids wish they could sleep in.

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Jan 31, 2016
Good one
by: Anonymous

I must say Therapedic medicoil mattress which I bought a year ago is still helping us get good sleep in the night. And yes, it came in very much under my budget. Of course there are better and luxurious mattresses available, but if we are looking for something really good within limited budget, this is the best choice. I am highly satisfied.

Apr 11, 2016
Very Good Mattress
by: Daniel


I have slept on Kurlon, Sleepwell and King Koil mattresses before but Therapedic medicoil mattress which I bought recently is the best compared to all. I am happy finally...

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