Urban Mattress Factory Plush Mattress

by G.H.

I bought my Queen size mattress about 5 months ago from Urban Mattress in Denver Colorado. The brand is Urban Mattress and the model name is Factory Plush. When it first arrived it was a bit too firm to my liking. It felt like I was sleeping on the floor with a bit of padding but after 2 weeks it felt exactly like the one in the store.

The salesman informed me I would be experiencing a firmer mattress until the springs settled in. Since I like a mattress that is firm but feels soft at the same time, I am extremely happy with my mattress. It is almost as comfortable to sleep on as the mattresses they have at a fancy hotel.

I have not experienced any issues or problems with my mattress since I got in. It’s been holding up pretty well and I have not had to flip it unlike my previous mattress.

It cost me $295 for the mattress itself since I did not need the box spring. I wish I would’ve bought the King size but the Queen size is fine until I get another mattress sometime in the future. I would rate my mattress with 4 stars.

Given the price I paid for it was significantly less than what the other stores where charging for a similar mattress I am quite happy with my purchase.

I didn’t do that much research since I needed a mattress as soon as possible and felt that visiting 3 stores was enough. I believe I still would have bought the same mattress due to price.

Also, I was very happy with Urban Mattress since they give a percentage of my sale to a charity of my choice. I know most people don’t think this is a big deal, but it was definitely a plus for me!

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