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Water Bed Mattress Reviews - Are Waterbed Mattresses Right For You?

There is a loyal following that prefers to purchase waterbed mattresses above all other types of sleeping surfaces. When you start to talk to different people about their sleeping preferences, you'll get almost as many different responses as there are people answering.

There are those who sleep with three pillows and those who sleep with none. Some people like really hard mattresses, while others prefer soft.

A water bed mattress is simply a large vinyl sack that contains a significant amount of water.

The water not only supports you while you sleep, but it responds instantly to your every move and immediately molds itself to your body.

Water beds were first made available in the 1960s as a sort of novelty item, but today doctors have found that, when properly used, a waterbed mattress can help improve discomfort in your back, hips, and lumbar zone.

There are two basic types of water bed mattresses available today: hard side waterbeds and soft sided waterbeds.

A hard side waterbed is the kind that you are probably most familiar with. There is a waterbed headboard and a wooden box and in that box is the waterbed mattress. The only things keeping the mattress on the bed are the hard sides.

Soft sided water bed mattresses look a lot like a traditional inner spring mattress. They don't need to be encased by a box; the sides are sturdy enough so as to be self-supporting. This also means that it looks more like a regular bed and it is easier to get in and out of.

While much movie humor has been derived from bursting and leaking waterbeds, as long as the mattress and waterbed liner are properly cared for, your waterbed mattress should never burst.

It shouldn't even leak because the seams are reinforced and have one hundred percent overlap. Only a carelessly placed pair of scissors or high heels can harm your bed.

While many people enjoy the support that water bed mattresses give them, it is often difficult to sleep on a traditional one with a partner.

This is because water, when disturbed, makes waves. These waves in the waterbed will then disturb your partner in his or her sleep. Two methods have been devised to fix this problem.

One is a dual support system. In this instance there are two separate bladders in a single waterbed mattress. You can adjust the firmness of each side and the movement of one side won't make waves on the other side.

The other is semi-waveless and waveless mattress systems. In these systems the waterbed has some fibers in its core. These fibers act an impediment to the natural flow of the water.

It makes the mattress firmer, easier to get out of, and creates fewer disturbances in your partner's sleep. There are even motionless waterbed mattresses for sale where the motion of the water is completely controlled.

Reviews of Waterbed Mattresses

Waterbeds have gotten mixed reviews over the years. Some people love the support and warmth that is provided by these mattresses while other people feel as though they are sinking into their beds and just can't get comfortable.

People have also complained that after five or ten years of use their bed develops slow leaks.

This is why it is important to check out a wide variety of waterbed reviews before purchasing a water bed mattress. Check out how owners felt about the durability, ease of setup and sleep comfort. Take note of which models they rated as the best waterbeds.

The following three reviews are some of the best regarded waterbed replacement mattresses to be found.

Classic Sleep Perfect Form 2000 Hard Side Waterbed Mattress

The Classic Sleep Perfect Form 2000 Hard Side Waterbed Mattress is a waveless mattress that incorporates water and batting in such a way that allows you to enjoy a practically motionless waterbed mattress. This prevents being disturbed by waves generated by your sleeping partner.

This mattress comes in super single, California queen, and California king sizes. The mattress itself is very reasonably priced at about $200.

However, you need to have a hard sided wood box in which mattress can sit. You can either buy one from Classic Sleep or your local mattress store.

The Classic Sleep is unique in that is combines the comfort of a traditional waterbed with the sturdiness of a traditional spring bed. Even in the box it is easy to get in and out of.

Strobel Organic Water-Mattress

The Strobel Organic Water-Mattress is part of a full line of waterbed mattresses that have been consumer favorites for years.

Layers of water are interchanged with layers of foam to create a supportive sleep system. All types of mattresses come in king and queen sizes, and many are found in super single sizes as well.

Some of the beds have a quilted pillow top cover; others are of a simpler make. They are all flame retardant and compatible with under-the-mattress heating systems.

You can purchase a Strobel with liner for around $200. You will have to purchase the box separately.

Most consumers feel it is worth the money and say they sleep feeling their body to be lighter.

Bali 8 Inch Semi-Waveless Waterbed

The Bali 8 Inch Semi-Waveless Waterbed is a popular favorite and one of the best waterbeds. It comes with a removable and washable waterbed cover that is filled with a flame retardant batting.

It is also hard sided and needs a wooden box before it can be used. The Bali comes in a king size and is about $450 dollars online.

It has been given accolades by doctors as it noticeably reduces back pain and stress after sleeping on it for some time. In addition to water, it has layers of high density foam to prevent wave motion by up to 50%.

The Bali is also wrapped with foam rails to improve and extend mattress life.

Water bed mattresses continue to be a bit of an enigma. While many physical therapists recommend heated waterbeds as a way to easily soothe away joint pain, many people feel uncomfortable when buffeted by waves all night.

Other people like the look of a traditional waterbed but get rid of it after some time because they feel they are no longer fit enough to get in and out of it.

Check out some of our waterbed reviews and then it is always a good idea to spend some time on a showroom model before you decide if waterbed mattresses are right for you.

With so many wonderful waterbed mattresses from which to choose, you cannot help but get a good night's sleep.

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