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We Have Had Our Posturepedic Firm King Size Bed For This Entire Time Without Any Real Complaints

by Kimberly

My mattress is a Sealy Posturepedic. It is a King Sized bed, which I find necessary since I am married. It is very comfortable. It is almost as wide as it is long, which is a bonus since my husband is over 6 feet tall.

We bought the mattress second hand for around $250 about 5 years ago. I was a little bit apprehensive, but we bought it from a couple who had only used it for a short amount of time. I was surprised to see that there were two twin bed box springs. It was almost as good as new and we have had it for this entire time without any real complaints.

Lately I have noticed that there is a slight "dip" that is forming on each of our sides with a little bit pushing up in the middle. It has caused us to not be able to sleep right next to each other, because then we start to roll away from each other.

We rotate the mattress every month and it has not caused any discomfort in our sleep, but it is inconvenient when it causes us to roll, waking us up. I think it is caused by the mattress settling on top of each of the box springs.

The mattress is regarded as “firm”. It does not have a pillow top on it. We added a mattress pad which added a little bit of softness to it, and it was nice to be able to add the softness if we wanted. I’ve slept on other beds before that were either too hard or too soft, and both have caused back pain after sleeping.

Having a softness without too much pillow feeling is a good balance for our sleeping needs. It also has a neat tendency to warm up quickly.

There is one part of the box spring that has a squeak, and we can not allay the noise. We have tried putting the box spring on the floor without a bed frame, putting the squeaky part up at the head of the bed, and putting hardwood in between the mattress and the box spring to no avail.

It’s not a loud noise, but it is consistent with any sort of movement. It can be annoying when one person is reading in bed and the other is trying to sleep, and the movement of shifting positions or turning a page or moving a pillow causes a noise again and again.

The bed we had previously was a queen sized futon mattress. When we got married I inherited his furniture, and it was really uncomfortable. The futon was set up to have an armrest when it was raised up, and there were a number of times when I sat down on the bed, onto the hard wood. Not a pleasant feeling.

The mattress was lumpy and unforgiving and cold. When we moved into our new home, I knew we couldn’t afford a brand new bed, but we decided that a good night’s sleep was worth being a bit picky over. We searched for about 1 1/2 months before we found the Sealy, and I am really glad that we waited until we found it.

I would give this bed 3.5 stars. It’s not perfect and it’s not plush, but it has enough qualities that I appreciate and am glad it is our mattress for now. I will definitely be looking at this brand again when the time comes for a new mattress, and we will be buying new next time.

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