We Love Our Sealy Posturepedic Hearth Cushion Firm

by Hether

We love our Sealy Posturepedic mattress!

We bought it six years ago when we got married and it's really hard to believe we've been sleeping on it for that long without it showing it's age.

The springs have held up well, the mattress doesn't make any of those odd creaking noises when you move, nor is there any annoying bouncing that can happen when a mattress wears out.

I don't know what company advertises the bowling ball bouncing on one side of the bed without moving the other, but that's actually an effective image for how our mattress is, even after all this time.

The cushion top is very comfortable, though it has compressed slightly to the shape of our bodies where we sleep most of the time. Getting fat and pregnant more than once has contributed to that!

The fabric is durable, hasn't stained, torn or shown any signs of wear. We've even had our kids sleeping in our bed, as little ones often do, and have never had any problems keeping the fabric clean and stain free.

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