Wolf 8 Inch Innerspring Twin Futon Mattress

by Richard B.
(Portland, Oregon, USA)

I was surprised to see that you had already reviewed this futon mattress on your website and I couldn't agree more with your assessment that it is a great mattress for any futon.

As a college student here in Oregon, I was able to luckily purchase a futon frame along with this mattress used for cheap from a fellow college student that was moving out of the city. This futon was already used when I had purchased it, however it was in great condition, and I was able to use it for three years continuously as a couch as well as a bed at times when we had friends over.

This couch was wonderful! It did not go flat like other futon mattresses I had experience with in the past, and it was able to last the full time I had it in great condition. The price is definitely worth it for a brand new one because you get what you pay for, and I am looking forward to purchasing from Wolf again.

The mattress also did not crease as usually other mattresses do in the middle when folding up the futon as a couch. Overall, I feel that this mattress is a great product and worth every penny for your futon/bed. It is comfortable enough to sit on as a couch as well as sleep on as a bed.

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