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Bob-O-Pedic Reviews
Do Sleepers Prefer Bob Vs. Tempur-Pedic?

Many Bob-O-Pedic reviews talk about the foam thickness or sleep comfort that these beds offer. A Bob-O-Pedic bed is similar to the Tempur-Pedic brand and includes exceptional materials and quality.

There are a number of Bob-O-Pedic mattress models and bed packages to choose from so you have a few options.

The Bob-O-Pedic price range is one of the most popular features of these beds. The materials and features are compared to the Tempur-Pedic brand to show which bed is the best choice and best value for your money. Comfort, support, and affordability are all offered by a Bob-O-Pedic bed.

Exceptional Materials Found In The Bob-O-Pedic

A Bob-O-Pedic mattress offers many benefits if you are looking for a new mattress for any reason. These mattresses can be found in all of the standard sizes, and the price is very affordable when compared to similar quality products. Bob-O-Pedic mattresses are ideal for anyone who wants a comfortable sleep with good spine support.

High density visco-elastic memory foam is used in a thick layer for ultimate comfort and support. Each Bob-O-Pedic mattress also includes a thick layer of polyurethane foam which is produced according to the desired firmness level. When compared to similar products, a Bob-O-Pedic bed can cost half the price but offer all of the features and benefits you are looking for.

A 15-20 year warranty that is not prorated is another reason why many people choose a Bob-O-Pedic mattress. This means that there is no cost to you if the mattress needs to be replaced during the warranty period. There are a number of models and firmness levels to choose from, and all of the models offer superior motion isolation.

Bob-O-Pedic Mattress Models

There are four Bob-O-Pedic mattress models to choose from. Each of these models is highly rated according to Bob-O-Pedic reviews and offer many features and benefits. The models available include:

Bob-O-Pedic: This model features 4 inches of memory foam and 7 inches of polyurethane foam. The mattress features a blend of cotton and cashmere designed to prevent any allergy symptoms.

Bob-O-Pedic 8: Has 2 inches of memory foam and 6 inches of polyurethane foam. The mattress cover is a cotton and terrycloth blend designed to be anti-allergy.

Bob-O-Pedic Cirrus: Features 2 inches of super soft memory foam, 2 inches of high density memory foam, 2 inches of super soft polyurethane foam, and 5 inches of polyurethane foam. The mattress cover features a breathable fabric and a decorative cord edging.

Bob-O-Pedic Celestial: Boasts a one half inch layer of premium density body conforming memory foam, one and a half inches of premium density memory foam, 3 inches of high density memory foam, and 7 inches of high density polyurethane foam. The mattress features a blend of cotton and cashmere designed to prevent any allergy symptoms.

Bob-O-Pedic Prices

The price you will pay for a Bob-O-Pedic bed can vary, depending on the model and the size that you choose. Consumer and expert Bob-O-Pedic reviews all point out that these beds can be a great value and cost far less than identical products offered by competitors.

Prices can range from $249 up to $1299 or more, depending on whether you only want a Bob-O-Pedic mattress or the entire Bob-O-Pedic bed package. Typical prices are listed below:


  • Twin- From $699 to $799
  • Twin XL- From $749 to $899
  • Full- From $749 to $899
  • Full XL- From $799 to $999
  • Queen- From $799 to $999
  • Queen With Split Foundation- From $1,099
  • King- From $999 to $1,299

Bob-O-Pedic 8

  • Twin- From $249 to $333
  • Twin XL- From $299 to $499
  • Full- From $349 to $499
  • Full XL- From $399 to $599
  • Queen- From $399 to $599
  • Queen With Split Foundation- From $699
  • King- From $599 to $899

Bob-O-Pedic Cirrus

  • Twin- From $499 to $599
  • Twin XL- From $549 to $699
  • Full- From $549 to $699
  • Queen- From $599 to $799
  • Queen With Split Foundation- From $899
  • King- From $799 to $1,099

Bob-O-Pedic Celestial

  • Twin- From $999 to $1,099
  • Full- From $1,049 to $1,199
  • Queen- From $1,099 to $1,299
  • Queen With Split Foundation- From $1,399
  • King- From $1,299 to $1,599

Bob-O-Pedic VS Tempur-Pedic

Comparing the Bob-O-Pedic reviews and models and those for Tempur-Pedic show many similarities between these products, but also some important differences.

Bob-O-Pedic Beds

  • Price Range- $249-$1,599
  • Total Height- 8-11 inches
  • Foam Thickness- Good to excellent
  • Foam Density- Very good to excellent
  • Motion Isolation- Superior
  • Warranty- Very Good
  • Pro-Rated Warranty- Excellent

Tempur-Pedic Beds

  • Price Range- $3,100-$5,000
  • Total Height- 12-13 inches
  • Foam Thickness- Good to excellent
  • Foam Density- Very good to excellent
  • Motion Isolation- Excellent
  • Warranty- Very good
  • Pro-Rated Warranty- Good

The comparisons between a Bob-O-Pedic mattress and a Tempur-Pedic mattress show that the same quality and value can be seen in both mattresses. The price range between these two brands is significant though, and may come as quite a shock.

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Your Bob-O-Pedic Mattress Reviews

Bob O Pedic Foam Mattress Review

by Jessica Ruddy
(Flushing, NY)

My mattress is from Bob's Discount Furniture Store in Carle Place, New York. I bought the mattress about a year ago and I have never had a better sleep. It is a firm Bob O Pedic mattress and it is my first experience with owning a foam mattress.

Before purchasing it, I heard a lot of mixed memory foam mattress reviews. You either love them or hate them. Compared to a spring mattress, it is hands down, ten times more comfortable. However, it may take a bit of getting used to.

Before purchasing my Bob O Pedic, I had slept in a plush Tempur-Pedic numerous times and it was a bit too soft for my liking but not uncomfortable by any means. However, the price of a Bob O Pedic compared to a Tempur-Pedic is drastically less expensive for what I would rate as the same quality. The mattress was $799 for a twin size.

I raved about it so much my parents now own a firm king size one and they love theirs too. The best part of foam mattresses is not only the comfort but the fact that you really can balance a glass of wine on it and jump around without it spilling! If you like foam mattresses and you live in a city where there is a BOB's store, I'd say head over and give it a try. I would give it 5 stars.

Bob-O-Pedic Celestial Mattress Review - Pillow Top King-Size

by Geoffry

I have recently purchased a Bob-O-Pedic Celestial Pillow Top mattress. I bought this mattress at the Bob's Furniture store in Nashua, NH.

I have had it for approximately a year now. It was on sale at the time for $1000. I was very surprised because similar mattresses that I have seen were selling for over twice that. The memory foam has been the hot new thing to buy and I had been testing out the beds in the stores and they seemed comfortable.

The stores kept saying that the one I bought was comparable to the Tempurpedic brand mattresses in quality and comfort. I was quickly rethinking my purchase when the salesman in his suit, and not a warehouse representative, helped load the mattress and box springs onto my truck.

As soon as it was on the truck, I turned around and the salesman was gone and loading dock door closing. I expected a little more after making a thousand dollar purchase. Maybe someone helping me secure the bed or even a 'thank you for your purchase".

Once I got the bed home I used the provided handles on the sides of the bed to lift it. The handles could not handle the weight and ripped the cover of the bed. I called Bob's and they would not fix it or honor the warranty due to it a certain sale item. I was upset but the covers should be able to cover the damage, or so I thought.

The king size bed with the pillow top was too large and the king size sheets would not fit corner to corner. My first night sleep was strange as I was trying to adjust to sinking into the bed rather than laying on top of it. My wife also thought it was strange because she felt that she was not able to freely move due to the bed conforming to her body which I suppose is the point.

A year has passed now and I am not impressed. I do enjoy the size of the king bed other than not being able to find sheets to fit. I am used to the memory foam now but I am still not comfortable on the bed trying to get to sleep. My wife and I have gone away a few times in the last year to hotels and every time we do the traditional inner-spring mattresses have felt better.

We always comment that we get a long and more relaxing sleep on the non-memory foam beds. I do not believe my experience is going to be everyone's. I do believe that the memory foam bed that I have purchased left a sour taste in my mouth and I am now stuck with what I have until I can pony up another $1000+ dollars to get something else.

Bob-o-Pedic 8

by Anonymous

I'm very impressed with our queen size negative comments at all, I've slept on a Tempur-Pedic mattress before feels exactly the same and actually a bit more firm...I sleep with no tossing or turning ...if your on a budget go for Bob o pedic rather then Tempur-Pedic and save your money for something else!

Do you own a Bob-O-Pedic bed? Please tell us about your experience by sharing your review...

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