Loom And Leaf Mattress Review

by Cassandra S.
(Washington, DC)

I’m pleased with my Loom and Leaf mattress purchase. I have the Queen Relaxed Firm mattress and use it in my master bedroom. It is extremely comfortable and after two years of use isn’t showing any signs of wear or sagging.

Before I pulled the trigger on purchasing the Loom and Leaf I was interested in getting a Tempurpedic mattress. I chose to go with the Loom and Leaf instead because it was a much better price. I am really pleased with my decision. This mattress is the best I’ve ever owned and I saved a lot of money over the Tempur-Pedic.

I did a lot of online research about mattresses before I made this purchase and found a lot of positive reviews for Loom and Leaf. I bought the mattress online for a little over a thousand dollars. One of the most attractive things about the mattress (aside from the price) was the fact that I could purchase it online.

At the time of my purchase, I was in the midst of a chaotic move and it was really a relief to not have to go into a mattress showroom or deal with a pushy sales person. Buying it online was so easy. There was a free sleep trial with my purchase, but I didn’t end up needing it because I really enjoyed the mattress.

The only issue I had with the purchase was related to the independent delivery company who delivered the mattress. The mattress was scheduled to be delivered on a Friday and I took time off of work to wait for it to be delivered. In the middle of the delivery window after waiting for a couple of hours, I received a call from the delivery company that the mattress would not be coming because the "Ikea truck" broke down. I was surprised and confused because I was led to expect that the mattress was coming from Saatva or Loom and Leaf and had nothing to do with Ikea.

The woman I spoke to from the delivery company was named Valencia. She told me that the mattress would be delivered the next day (Saturday), but that I would not be able to specify a delivery window because there were already other deliveries scheduled for Saturday. She said she could not even tell me when the order would be delivered until Friday evening. This surprised me because I would think that my order would have taken precedence because the delivery people canceled on me. I told the woman that I really needed to specify a delivery window because I had plans (made many weeks in advance) to move on Saturday and could not guarantee I would be home. She told me there was no help she could give me.

On Friday evening when I finally did get a call from the company, they left no message, but simply hung up. I happened to notice the unidentified number in my phone and called back to find out that the delivery was scheduled for the middle of my move. I took off work on Friday to wait for my order and was relying on it to arrive so that I would have a place to sleep in my home. It was a big inconvenience and source of stress to worry about missing the mattress delivery in the middle of a hectic move on the rescheduled delivery date.
Loom and Leaf refunded the delivery fee to me as a result of the hassle.

Once the mattress finally did arrive, I didn’t have any complaints. The un-boxing experience was fun and relatively easy. Even though it was a Queen-sized mattress, it fit inside a compact box. I was able to get the mattress set up all by myself without help from anyone else. I was worried that the mattress would have a chemical smell or be distorted in shape from being in the box, but was pleased that I didn’t experience any off smells. It was so fun to see the mattress plump up once it was removed from the box.

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