How To Clean A Mattress Like An Expert

Best Ways To Clean Urine And Other Mattress Stains

Knowing how to clean a mattress properly will save you money, and you will not be so nervous that something might create a spot or stain because you are prepared to deal with almost any situation.

Most people have lots of cleaning ideas for most rooms in their house but they are not quite as certain what to do when it comes to those mattresses and pillows.

You might say that a good mattress is hard to find, and when you do invest your money into one of the best mattresses that meets all your comfort requirements you certainly want to keep it for a long period of time.

These bedding items are meant to last for a while and in order to keep yours in the best possible shape you can certainly use some tips that explain how to clean a mattress. No matter how well you try to protect your bed you are bound to have a time when there is some sort of accident that results in a spill or stain.

You certainly don't want to have to live with dirty, stained mattresses for a number of years, and you won't want to discard such an expensive item either. This is when stain removal tips can really come in handy.

It would be great if you could just place your mattress in the bathtub or hose it off to get rid of the stains, dust and dirt but of course you can't do this.

You must know how to clean a mattress so that a stain does not ruin it. Most mattress warranties are voided by just one small stain.

Prevent Mattress Stains

blue mattress stain

Let's begin with a proactive move and make sure that there is a mattress cover on your mattress. You can get many different types of protective coverings for mattresses including some that zip, snap, stretch or tie.

There are even covers for the box spring so that you can keep it dust free as well. With a good cover you will rarely have to pull out your list of tips detailing how to clean a mattress.

When you need to clean your mattress and remove the dust or dirt from the surface you can bring out your vacuum and use it to make your mattress surface squeaky clean. This will also remove those dust mites that can get out of control in certain mattresses.

Some types of mattresses made of latex and memory foam are less prone to dust mites which is better for allergy sufferers. Mattress reviews can help you locate the best hypoallergenic models.

Vacuuming will remove any dirt and help prevent stains that form if the mattress happens to become wet.

About half an hour before you vacuum, sprinkle the mattress with baking soda. This will absorb many unpleasant odors and really help freshen your mattress.

Cleaning Mattress Stains

A stain or spill is an entirely different matter, but there are ways to clean these problems too. If you know how to clean a mattress properly you know that there is no reason to give in to panic.

The first thing to do is to get the covers off of the mattress and gently remove the liquid with a clean, dry cloth or towel. Do not rub vigorously or you will make the stain settle deeper into the mattress.

The mattress cover can usually be washed with detergent and vinegar in a washing machine and then carefully dried to protect the material.

Mix a gentle liquid soap or baking soda with cool water and then use this to clean the mattress. If you want to try this mattress cleaning technique you will need to use a clean white cloth, wet it with the solution and then wring the cloth by hand until you cannot squeeze out any more water.

With this damp cloth you can first blot the mattress fabric and then rub very gently beginning at the outermost edges of the stain and rubbing inward to the center of the stain.

After you have finished, you can blot again with a clean white cloth and then allow the damp area to dry completely before replacing your bed linen.

Another technique is to use an upholstery cleaner, but this involves much harsher chemicals. Use the smallest amount of cleaner you need and be sure to follow the directions carefully.

A mattress should never be allowed to become saturated with water or cleaning products. If moisture is allowed to remain inside the mattress it may contribute to the growth of mold.

Always ensure the mattress has totally dried before putting the sheets back on. Use an electric fan, or if possible, bring the mattress outside to dry in the sunshine.

A cleaning solution with enzymatic action can be created by mixing half water and half vinegar or lemon juice. This produces a gentle cleaner that is effective at removing stubborn stains.

How To Clean Urine Mattress Stains

You can remove blood or urine mattress stains with hydrogen peroxide. This how to clean a mattress tip has worked for thousands of people and it should work for you as well.

Using a clean sponge or a spray bottle, apply hydrogen peroxide, diluted with a little water, to the stain.

The foaming action will last for a few minutes. Then you can blot the area while it is bubbling with a clean, damp cloth and allow it to dry.

You may need to repeat this step until the stain is no longer visible. These techniques for cleaning a mattress will remove most types of odors and stains.

The last resort is to call in a professional mattress cleaning service. If you have spent a significant amount of money on your bed, it may be worth saving rather than having to buy a new one.

An important thing to remember is to treat the stain as soon as possible. This will make it much easier and help keep your mattress fresh and in great shape.