IKEA Mattress Reviews

Do IKEA Mattresses Make Cheap And Comfortable Beds?

The following reviews of IKEA mattresses provide you with helpful information if you're hoping to find a cheap mattress that makes a high quality bed. IKEA innerspring, foam, and latex mattresses are among the top choices for shoppers interested in inexpensive bedroom furnishings.

You should realize that IKEA mattresses come in a wide range of models and types, from spring mattresses to memory foam to latex and pillowtop models.

However, quality varies across the line, making many people wonder whether IKEA mattresses are any good or worth the investment. IKEA has a solid reputation for producing high quality furniture. But what about their mattresses?

Our guide to IKEA mattresses is designed to help you make the right choice of the best mattress for you and your budget.

IKEA Mattress Brand Overview

IKEA beds and mattresses run the gamut from very inexpensive spring mattresses, like the Jomna, to costlier spring mattresses in the Sultan collection and higher priced memory foam and latex options.

Most of these mattresses (such as IKEA futon mattresses) are still priced well below the average for other manufacturers, making them appealing to college students and others on a tight budget.

Mattresses on the higher end are built using luxury materials, including latex foam and memory foam, and use pocketed springs for more precise support. All mattresses are designed to be used with a box spring, or one of IKEA's own slatted bed bases, and should not be used on their own.

IKEA's Sultan mattresses include innerspring models with a memory foam pillow top comfort layer, such as the Sultan Hansbo and the Sultan Hultsvik mattress which includes individually wrapped active response coils and retails for around six hundred dollars.

The IKEA collection includes a wide variety of inner spring, foam, latex and futon mattresses in every size and budget, as well as pillow tops, which can be added to any IKEA mattress. IKEA advertises a 90 day "try at home" option for the Sultan line. Mattresses that don't perform as intended can be exchanged during this period.

Customer reactions to the Sultan collection are varied. Many reviews claim that their mattresses are extremely comfortable, and retain their firmness, but a sizeable percentage say their mattresses sag quickly and that the foam is too thin.

They do note that IKEA stores have been willing to exchange these faulty mattresses for new ones. A small number of customers note an off gas odor from their IKEA foam mattresses, but most state that the mattresses are comfortable and have a long lifespan.

IKEA latex mattresses have an even higher rate of satisfaction. The innerspring mattresses fare the least well in customer opinions, possibly because of the wide range of low priced mattresses IKEA offers.

IKEA Foam Mattress - To Support Your Natural Curves

IKEA's foam mattresses are designed to mold to the unique contours of your body. This way, the mattress supports every part of your body no matter what position you sleep in.

The mattresses also absorb movements well, making it ideal for those who sleep with partners. With an IKEA memory foam mattress, you won't feel or be disturbed by your partner's movements.

They are also praised in reviews from actual owners for their ability to resume and retain their original shape for a long time. And to make sure the mattresses will last, IKEA encases them in removable and washable covers, usually made of high quality natural materials like silk or wool.

These covers are designed to protect the mattress, regulate mattress temperature and ensure moisture is wicked away from your body.

It is easy to identify IKEA foam mattresses because their names start with the letter M. If you're on a budget, the Moshult basic firm foam mattress is a great option. The mattress is made of high-resilience foam that relieves pressure and provides a basic level of comfort at a low price.

If you prefer thicker models, go for the Morgedal and the Malfors.

IKEA Latex Mattress for Precise Support Here and A Bit of Spring There

IKEA latex mattresses are known for their high precision support that is more able to yield to the body's pressure points, such as the elbows, shoulders, and hips. They are like IKEA memory foam mattresses but are lighter and have a mild spring to them that helps cushion movements.

The IKEA latex mattress promotes your body's full relaxation during sleep. And since latex is naturally porous, it is more able to circulate air by itself. Even without a moisture-wicking cover, the latex mattress feels cool and dry all night long.

The names of IKEA latex mattresses also start with the letter M. The Morgongava is one of IKEA's premier latex offers as it is made of top quality natural latex. IKEA also offers latex mattresses made of combined materials, such as the Matrand and Myrbacka latex mattresses, combining layers of latex, lamb's wool and polyurethane foam.

IKEA Spring Mattress

We have researched a number of the most popular IKEA Sultan mattresses to help you make the best choice when it comes to your sleep and comfort.

The Sultan mattress line offered by IKEA combines a great product with a low price, and these models can be found in a range of styles and prices. The Sultan Hanestad is a popular mattress that offers many benefits. The Sultan Hansbo may be the ideal model if you insist on a pillowtop mattress.

The Sultan Hallen balances affordability with comfort and value. The Sultan Holmsta model combines a latex pillowtop and spring support components for twice the comfort. The Sultan Havberg is a very affordable model that has a number of features that you may be looking for.

IKEA Sultan mattresses come with a twenty-five year warranty that covers the springs and foam or latex core. The warranty does not cover mattress pads, however.

The least expensive Sultan mattress is the Sultan Havberg, at $89 for a twin size. This mattress is constructed with a steel spring support base with polyurethane foam comfort layer.

At the high end of the Sultan line, we find the Sultan Holmsta featuring a latex pillow top, the Sultan Hultsvik with a memory foam pillow top, Sultan Heggedal which is made with natural materials. Prices for these models range from $450 to $850. These mattresses include memory foam or natural latex for better ventilation and washable covers made from a cotton/polyester blend.

IKEA's Sultan mattresses are considered the company's pride. These mattresses offer guaranteed quality that they come with a 25-year warranty, which is very rare in the market.

The quality of an IKEA Sultan mattress is tested through:

Body Testing: the main body of the mattress is tested based on how it reacts in various sleeping positions repeated 10,000 times.

Edge Testing: the edges of IKEA mattresses are tested to see if it is easy to sit on the edge of the bed, to get in, or to get out of the bed. The test is conducted by putting a 220-pound weight onto the edge of the bed 20,000 times.

IKEA Futon Mattress - In A Class All Their Own

Aside from mattresses, IKEA also offers mattress toppers, sofa beds, and futon mattresses. IKEA futon mattresses, however, are some of the company's best known mattress offers. They are affordable, easily bendable, and very versatile to fit various futon configurations.

They also have a distinct European style, which is very rare when it comes to futon mattresses because they rarely ever stand out.

IKEA Mattress Prices

IKEA's mattress prices range from cheap to extravagant, but one thing's for sure - all their products are reasonably priced compared to most mattress brands. So even if you buy IKEA's most expensive models, you will still get good value for your money.

Their budget-priced offers, which range between $79 and $299, are high-quality mattresses that are relatively thinner but nevertheless come with the same 25-year warranty you will find on more expensive models.

Their more expensive models range between $300 and $849, but for these prices, you can get long-lasting and luxuriously thick mattresses that pamper you while you sleep.

If you want to pay over time for an IKEA mattress, you can arrange a payment plan that suits your finances. The prices already include old mattress removal and warranty. You may have to pay additional for home delivery, though.

So What Is The Best Mattress To Buy from IKEA's Winning Collection?

Wondering what is the best mattress from IKEA? There is no one perfect mattress, even in a famed store like IKEA. Keep in mind that the best mattress for you is still one that suits your personal needs and preferences best, so choose wisely.

IKEA is one of the best retailers you can go to if you're thinking of buying a new mattress. Not only do they offer a wide range of high quality IKEA mattresses and box springs, they also offer free mattress removal for your old mattress.

The Swedish retailer one of the most well-known furniture manufacturers and supplier of furniture and accessories. The famous shop features modern Scandinavian style furniture and offers top class quality for all its products, including its celebrated mattresses.

How Do IKEA Mattress Owners Feel About Their Mattresses?
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