Kingsdown Mattress Reviews

Are Kingsdown Mattresses Overrated or Bedroom Royalty?

Kingsdown mattress reviews tend to praise the company's long-term warranties, solid construction, and soft surfaces, and the Sleep to Live mattress collection makes waves with its use of complex diagnostic tools that may help you achieve a tailored sleep experience.

Exploring Kingsdown mattress models is worthwhile if you're after a bed that goes the extra mile to get all the details right, but make sure you're ready for the weight of Kingsdown mattress prices; your wallet may need a little support, too.

With a reputation for quality innerspring mattress construction that stretches back over a hundred years, Kingsdown is one of the country's oldest mattress manufacturers.

The company doesn't always make it into the most popular mattress maker lists, in part because of its less aggressive approach to advertising, but the brand still attracts a considerable following with its corporate culture and reputation for comfortable, customized beds.

Diving into Variety with Kingsdown Mattress Models

Whereas some manufacturers are content to produce a fairly small selection of mattress types, Kingsdown has definitely decided to serve its customers with as much variety as a typical outlet can handle.

There are four main mattress lines made under the Kingsdown name: Kingsdown, MySide, Bed Match, and Sleeping Beauty.

The Kingsdown mattress models that fall under these four main lines include the:

  • Kingsdown Rapture mattress
  • Kingsdown Body System mattress
  • Kingsdown latex mattress (latex may be incorporated into Kingsdown toppers, as the primary construction type is the traditional innerspring)
  • PerfectPartner
  • BodyBlend
  • BodyEssential
  • BodyDuet
  • BodyCaress
  • BodyPerfect
  • Full Body Surround

The MySide and Bed Match models incorporate Kingsdown's BodyDiagnostics. One of the brand's most famous features, this system allows buyers to lie on a special test bed and, in essence, receive a custom "fitting" for a new mattress.

Pressure point locations, weight, and other factors are taken into account to create just the right combination of support and relief. Postural alignment, a central element of Kingsdown's comfort mission, is a key consideration, and the brand's Cushion Cloud Construction helps make even the firmest of finishes feel plush and inviting.

Considering Sleep to Live Mattress Reviews

Sleep to Live describes Kingsdown mattress models that are developed with the special diagnostics system, and are some of the most popular models within the brand's range. This series includes the Sleep to Live 200, 400, 600, and 800 models, which rise both in sophistication and in price.

The Sleep to Live 200 series may be a good choice if you want to save on your investment, and features a fifteen-year warranty. The Sleep to Live 400 series offers a bit more comfort and a twenty-year warranty. The Sleep to Live 600 series and Sleep to Live 800 series tend to get the best reviews, and feature lifetime warranties along with special inlays, superior fabrics, and better box spring design.

Sleep to Live mattress prices can be a little painful, but reviewers often note that exchanging a bit of money for a lot of back pain relief is a deal worth making. Sleep to Live mattress complaints are fairly uncommon, but are likely to be found among the lower-priced models, as shoppers may have expected the full benefits of the brand without the full cost.

Facing the Reality of Kingsdown Mattress Prices

Finding a fantastic mattress accompanied by a thrillingly low price tag may be the stuff of dreams, but it's not a common scenario in the light of day. Kingsdown mattresses are composed of quality materials and are finished by hand according to strict, research-backed guidelines, and every element adds to the overall cost of the company's products.

Buying a Kingsdown rather than a cheap mattress means taking a hit in terms of the bedroom budget, but better sleep isn't exactly a frivolous expense.

Kingsdown mattress dealers are bound to offer different prices on the company's many models, but you can expect to shell out anywhere from $800 to $4000 depending on the model type and mattress size you're after. Sleep to Live models and the larger King and Queen dimensions are likely to set you back at least a couple of thousand.

Make Sure You're Safe with a Kingsdown Mattress Warranty

One of the best perks of the Kingsdown name is the generous warranty available for most models. Keep in mind that buying a Kingsdown bed from a specific retailer may modify the terms of a warranty, including the length of time covered or how and when any replacements will be furnished.

When shopping for a Kingsdown, ask about the warranties included with your favorite models, and insist on getting the full details. A great warranty can easily help to offset the high price of a quality product.

The premium end of the Kingsdown range is typically accompanied by a lifetime warranty, which can effectively take care of your mattress concerns for good. More basic models are likely to come with fifteen or twenty year warranties, which are still impressive and can be especially valuable when shopping for a Kingsdown bed for a child or guest room.

What You Should Know about Kingsdown Mattress Complaints

The Kingsdown Mattress Company isn't a frequent target of negative reviews, and at least one seller suggests that dissatisfaction rates are as low as one percent. Still, not everyone is equally ecstatic about their purchases, and some customers have suggested that the quality isn't able to live up to the cost. Most complaints then lead to local retailers and distributors, who may handle warranty or replacement issues poorly.

Consumer reviews suggest that if you're shopping for Kingsdown beds and are concerned about getting exactly what you want, one of the best moves you can make is to talk openly with the dealer. You should be able to uncover any doubts or potential problems by discussing warranty terms and your quality expectations with a salesperson or manager.

By taking advantage of the brand's commitment to personalized sleep solutions and double-checking the facts about your purchase before everything is signed and sealed, you can enjoy a degree of comfort most customers are happy to praise.

Consumer Kingsdown Mattress Reviews

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